Hot land values; Good grain news

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    More strong land values, ethanol's future, some major farm iron and a look at the "warm oatmeal" economy highlight some of this week's big stories in agriculture.

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    Farm land values jumped 22% in the fourth quarter of 2011 versus a year ago, marking the largest year-over-year increase in almost 4 decades, a "once-in-a-generation phenomenon," a Federal Reserve Bank report showed late last week.

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    And, the land market's not the only thing hot in the ag sector right now. The recent National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, saw huge attendance and a lot of farmers looking at ways to improve their operations. Check out this tour of the trade show floor in Louisville.

  • 04

    Late this week, USDA's holding its annual Agriculture Outlook Conference in Washington, D.C.'s Dan Looker is attending the event and says the event will feature some major outlooks for the grain and livestock sectors. See what's expected from this year's event.

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    Conflicting bearish and bullish signals have the grains trading up and down this week, and while there are some negative macroeconomic signals flashing, it doesn't mean it's all bad news for the grain markets, says's Big Picture host and trader Scott Shellady.

  • 06

    One sector that's doing very well lately is the cattle business. Nothing reflects that more than the recent Cattle Industry Convention. contributor Gene Johnston attended the show and says there are a lot of signs of the industry's prosperity and likely expansion in the months and years to come.

  • 07

    Ethanol's future viability may hinge a lot on what's happening half a world away, analysts say. Add to that a changing supply/demand picture for the biobased fuel, and there's a lot of uncertainty for the ethanol sector's future. See some of the latest here.

  • 09

    Are you looking ahead to spring planting time already? Other farmers are, too, and one thing that sticks out to some is the alarming cost of diesel fuel. See what farmers are paying for their fuel needs and add your point of view.

  • 10

    When it comes time to get your crop in this spring, will you opt for more mechanical weed control? Recent reports of growing weed herbicide resistance has some farmers considering going back to cultivation, and industry sources say they're seeing more cultivator sales. What do you think?

Land values, ethanol volatility and major crop outlooks highlight this week's big stories in ag.

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