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  • 01's Mike McGinnis stopped by a Marketing Talk member's farm in central Ohio to find out what that part of the eastern Corn Belt harvest is like. Much like the rest of the Midwest, better-than-expected yields are being reported.

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    Justin Barnes, a Williamsport, Ohio, farmer has his combine running a few miles per hour faster than normal, attempting to harvest 1,300 more corn acres and 200 more soybean acres. "It's a late harvest, because we didn't plant until June," Barnes says.

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    Barnes, an active Marketing Talk member (justinbarnes710) is seeing better-than-expected yields. For corn, 200 bushel corn is being recorded, with 20% moisture. Soybeans are as high as 60 bushels per acre in some fields. "We're pleasantly surprised, considering we only had a few good rains this year," Barnes says.

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    With numerous family members, Justin is helping farm about 2,700 acres of corn and soybeans about 45 minutes south of Columbus, Ohio. While combining this 200-acre field, Barnes had a spout fall off of his auger. I asked if that was a sign of large yields and Barnes laughed.

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    The Barnes's farm in Pickaway County, Ohio, one of the top-5 corn-producing counties in the state. Ground sells for $5,000 and up, with rent rates between $150-$250. "Our 10-year on-farm averages are 165 bushels per acre for corn and 52 for soybeans," Barnes says.

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    Known for their staunch no-till farming practices, the current wet conditions don't scare the Barnes's from entering a field with a little mud. "We run no-till practices on corn and soybean ground," Tom Barnes, Justin's father says. "My dad was known for it as well. I'm sold on it."

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