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The squeeze is on

I was in Oregon taking care of my mom for almost a week so this column will cover two weeks instead of just one. Time sure seems to fly around here!

On Tuesday the 3rd, Craig had to go to the Upper Valley to unload a truck with the squeeze so I went along to get some pictures! It was nice to have some time alone on the drive up and back.

We stopped in Thorp for lunch on the way home. Good thing we spent the time together then because Calaway Trading called and asked Craig to come run their squeeze at their hay press. Thursday he started at 5 a.m. and worked until a little after 1 p.m. Friday too. I got the boys up, took care of the animals and picked the boys up!

In the 4 hours without kids I got housework done. Saturday Craig and I worked around home. Got the concrete in the barnyard cleaned off. Sneaky is in a pen by herself on most of it and the others get fed their hay on it also. I packed for my trip to Oregon to take care of my mom. Sunday morning I left for Mom's and Craig worked around home and got the week ahead organized. With me being gone and him going to Calaway's so early, he had to ask his parents to get the boys up and take them to school in the mornings. They are always willing to help and we are lucky they are so close!

I found Mom doing better than I expected her to be doing. I got all of her Christmas things taken down and put away including the tree. I took her to the doctors and ran other errands too. I did get to spend sometime with my brother and his family. Luke who is 5 spent one night with me and I watched him two mornings and took him to school at noon. He is a lot of fun! I went riding with my brother and the three older kids one night where they keep their horses boarded. Craig is getting back into roping and his family is getting into horses too. I also took sometime to shop a little. I was looking for fabric to cover the chairs in the dining room and found just what I wanted. I came back home on Thursday!

Craig was a Calaway's Friday so I took care of things here. Saturday Craig and I worked around home and took time out to watch the Seattle Winter Hawks win their playoff game. We really are not big football watchers but after spending so much time in Seattle with Dub, we are a little more interested in the Hawks!!

After the game we put a stereo in the bathroom and the new one in the living room and got started on recovering the chairs! The boys stayed in town with their grandparents so Craig took me to breakfast and a drive Sunday morning which was nice. We try to spend a little time together for just the two of us, which is not always easy! Then we came home and got some things done outside. Hauled some branches off to the burn pile at the bottom of the place, Craig put his flatbed in the shop to work on where it is warm and dry. We also finished the chairs and they look great!! It sure was nice to have the help, in the past I would have been doing it alone. It is so nice having a teammate who is asking what he can do to help me!

Next week Craig will go to Calaway's from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. so I will be taking care of things here. They are forecasting snow, which makes the boys happy. Hopefully they will have some to play in for their day off Monday! We are talking about what to plant this spring but still aren't sure exactly what we are going to do. We know that we will have the u-pick corn and hope to add at least flowers and we will also have hay but outside of that no set plans yet!

I was in Oregon taking care of my mom for almost a week so this column will cover two weeks instead of just one. Time sure seems to fly around here!

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