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Interview with Ohio Farmer, Paul Ralston

Last week I had a chance to visit with Paul Ralston of Hardin County, Ohio. We talked about his farm operation and things he has done throughout the year. Tune in to hear about what other farmers are seeing on their operation as I interview Paul in the tractor cab! 



                     Ohio farmer, Paul Ralston, stands in front of his tractor. Paul resides in Hardin County.


Below are some of the highlights from our talk.  
• Salford inline ripper
• Planting date and effect on yield and moisture
• On farm population trial
• Fertilizer
• Harvest progress  

Click here to listen to the full audio clip



The USDA Crop Report
As of Wednesday, November 19, Ohio is at 81 percent harvested on corn slightly above the five year average of 79 percent and soybeans are at 93 percent harvested at the five year average of 96 percent.

Soil Sampling 
Last week I showed how fertilizer prices compare to a year ago. With tighter profit margins in 2015 and fertilizer prices not coming down yet, knowing the fertility level of your fields is a critical base for making fertilizer decisions. 

Many of our customers hire their soil sampling done, but here are some guidelines to the DIY'ers such as myself.
• Soil sample each field every 2-4 years

• 10-15 cores per sample



• Sample 6” deep. Mark probe for consistent depth.



• Break and mix cores and air dry. DO NOT ADD HEAT!



• Vary whether sample is in row or in between row etc.

• Use a soil probe and plastic bucket, not other metal tools that can skew results. Soil probes are chrome plated and run around $90.



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