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South Dakotans aim to ease prevented planting penalties

South Dakota growers know something about excess moisture,
with parts of the state getting hammered by rain just last week, after a season
that saw planting delays from heavy rains last spring. 

Wednesday, two members of the state’s congressional
delegation, both Democrats, introduced bills in Congress to allow planting of a
secondary crop after prevented planting without losing benefits from crop

The bills, introduced by Senator Tim Johnson and
Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, would allow livestock producers to
grow a secondary crop to feed their own animals if they missed the final
planting date for a first crop.

Johnson said the value of the feed would count as part of
total farm revenue for any disaster payment program, which might lower the
federal government’s cost of disaster aid.

Johnson  told
reporters that he introduced the bill so that it will be considered as part of the
2012 Farm Bill when Congress starts working on it next year.

His website has more details.


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