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Sharing Videos Provides a Window Into Farming

Brian Scott didn’t fully recognize the power of video until May 20, 2016. On that day, the Indiana farmer posted an unedited video to his Facebook page that he shot with a GoPro camera in his tractor cab. While the video didn’t have any special effects, it did capture a special moment: Scott’s son was driving the tractor and pulling a planter for the very first time.

That significant experience to every farm kid also resonated with millions across the internet. The video has been viewed 6.1 million times and has 3,000 comments.

“That one video on Facebook has more comments than my entire blog has had the past five years,” says Scott. (You can find his blogs at

Scott’s viral video is proof that you don’t need expensive equipment or advanced editing skills to produce compelling videos. “My advice for beginners is to just start shooting videos. Then you can evaluate them and see how you need to adjust,” he says.

As Scott has tweaked his videos, he’s added more video gear, like the GoPro camera he uses in cabs or mounts to equipment with a magnet. He shot most of his original videos on his iPhone, which he still uses. He’s also invested in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), specifically the DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

“The drone helps me get a better idea of what’s going on in the field,” he says. 

Scott can post videos straight to YouTube or Facebook Live from his UAV. His GoPro is also connected to Wi-Fi through his smartphone, so he can share the videos instantly on other video apps, including Periscope and Instagram. 

Depending on the video, Scott will also download it and do some editing work. For the video with his son, he added some music and other images to this video before he posted this version to YouTube. He admits that this isn’t necessary, as the unedited Facebook version has been much more popular.

Scott only uses free editing tools: iMovie on his iPad and Windows Movie Maker on his desktop computer. He learned how to use the tools on his own through experimentation and how-to videos on YouTube.

In addition to sharing memorable moments, Scott uses videos to give people a window into a farmer’s life. “For nonfarm people, the videos really help show what we are doing,” he says. “If you’ve never seen a tractor or combine before, a drone video highlights the whole piece of equipment working in the field.”

While shooting and posting videos may seem like a time-consuming task, it doesn’t have to be, Scott points out. “If I’m waiting on a semi during harvest, I’ll do a walk around the combine,” he says, adding that people love to see videos of equipment. 

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