Stunning rents; 5 corn basics

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    More evidence of a skyrocketing farm land market, "jump ball" USDA reports and tips for keeping corn healthy under abnormal conditions top this week's big stories in agriculture.

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    A farm land rental auction last week fetched 'stunning' prices and created a lot of conversation this week. Some say the auction format's the best way for the landowner to get the right price for his or her land, while others say it's just driving land prices further out of reach.

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    Next week, more important numbers are coming from USDA. The agency will release its 10-year Ag Outlook projections on Monday, a report that could influence the grain markets, one analyst says. "Make sure you are prepared for any surprises in the USDA Ag outlook sessions," says analyst Ray Grabanski.

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    This week, weather-watchers started to sharpen focus on spring planting weather in the U.S. While new precipitation has begun to improve conditions in California and parts of the Corn Belt and Northern Plains, large areas of these regions will still need additional levels to build soil moisture.

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    Are you expecting a dry spring at your farm? If so, it's a good time to prepare how you can get a good crop in the ground. Brush up on some of these techniques, from hybrid selection to plant populations.

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    Dryness isn't the only threat to crop yield potential this year. But, the good news is there are ways to take action now to prevent abnormal conditions from robbing your corn yields, one expert says.

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    Have you had a mostly warm winter so far? If so, you might want to check your fields' nitrogen supply before spring planting rolls around, experts say. The warm temperatures this winter could have some of that N on the move.

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    Do you know who the BTOs are in your neighborhood? What it takes for a farmer to be considered a "big-time operator" was a big topic for discussion this week. So, is it land, machinery or money that makes a BTO? Join the conversation!

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    Will electronic trading replace the action on the CME Group floor? Not if one grassroots group has its way. "Save the Floor" is working to gather support to protect the open outcry method of trading grain futures. Do you agree with the effort? Weigh in on what's been a big discussion this week.

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    Finally there was action toward this year's farm bill this week. But, Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa said this week that, as an election year when things on Capitol Hill typically happen slowly, "we can't move too fast on the farm bill."

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    Just about every farmer's got one. But, what's that scrap iron pile worth at your farm? The prices for many scrap materials, including scrap iron, have gone up sharply in the last 3 years. So, is it time to cash in?

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    The 2012 Cattle Industry Convention wrapped up late last week in Nashville, Tennessee. So, what were some of the big topics and developments from the industry event? Stop by to see all the coverage, including stories, slideshows and videos on topics from herd health to farm style!

Big-time auction prices for land, USDA reports and ways to "save the floor" are big stories this week.

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