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Successful Farming Radio Program

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From Arkansas to Wyoming, radio stations air the Successful Farming Radio program Monday through Friday.

Show Information

Host Jodi Henke provides trusted news and featured agricultural topics from experts across the U.S. to help farmers around their farm, ranch, or acreage. If your favorite station doesn’t carry the show, call and ask for it!

Becoming an Affiliate

Successful Farming Radio is a growing rural radio network, and we have our station affiliates to thank for this! To find out if the program is available for your market, email us at

Station list

KASR-FM 92.7 Conway AR KASR
KBKG-FM 93.5 Corning AR KBKG
KVSA-AM 1220 McGehee AR
KTIP-AM 1450 Porterville CA KTIP
KTIP-F2 100.7 Selma CA KTIP
KFTM-AM 1400 Ft. Morgan CO KFTM
KGIW-AM 1450 Alamosa CO KGIW
KFJB-AM 1230 Marshalltown IA KFJB
KROS-AM 1340 Clinton IA KROS
KROS-F2 1340 Clinton IA KROS
KSOM-FM 96.5 Audubon IA KSOM
KWAY-AM 1470 Waverly IA KWAY
KWAY-F2 1470 Waverly IA KWAY
WHO-AM streaming Des Moines IA WHO
WIBH-F2 102.5 Anna IL WIBH
WRVY-FM 100.5 Lacon IL WRVY
WZOE-AM 1490 Princeton IL WZOE
KNDY-AM 1570 Marysville KS KNDY
KNDY-F2 94.1 Marysville KS KNDY
KNDY-FM 95.5 Marysville KS KNDY
KREP-FM 92.1 Belleville KS KREP
WCBL-AM 1290 Benton KY WCBL
WHOP-AM 1230 Hopkinsville KY WHOP
WHOP-F2 95.3 Hopkinsville KY WHOP
WHOP-FM 98.7 Hopkinsville KY WHOP
KJVC-FM 92.7 Mansfield LA KJVC
KTKC-AM 1460 Springhill LA KTKC
KTKC-FM 92.9 Springhill LA KTKC
WKZO-AM 590 Kalamazoo MI WKZO
WKZO-F2 106.9 Kalamazoo MI WKZO
KLTF-AM 960 Little Falls MN KLTF
KXRA-AM 1490 Alexandria MN KXRA
KXRA-F2 100.3 Alexandria MN KXRA
KYMO-FM 105.3 East Prairie MO KYMO
KYMO-AM East Prairie MO KYMO
KGOZ-FM 101.7 Gallatin MO KGOZ
KOKO-AM 1450 Warrensburg MO KOKO
KATQ-AM 1070 Plentywood MT KATQ
KATQ-FM 100.0 Plentywood MT KATQ
KDBM-AM 1490 Dillon MT KBEV
KBEV-FM 98.3 Dillon MT KBEV
KBEV-F2 93.3 Sheridan MT KBEV
KCGM-FM 95.7 Scobey MT KCGM
KVCK-FM 92.7 Wolf Point MT KVCK
KBRL-F2 97.5 McCook NE KBRL
WBZI-AM 1500 Xenia OH WBZI
WBZI-F2 100.3 Xenia OH WBZI
WEDI-AM 1130 Eaton OH WEDI
WEDI-F2 105.5 Eaton OH WEDI
WKFI-AM 1090 Wilmington OH WKFI
WKFI-F2 1090 Wilmington OH
VOHC-2 McConnelsville OH VOHC
KTJS-AM 1420 Hobart OK KTJS
KWVR-AM 1340 Enterprise OR KWVR
WIYQ-AM 1620 Saxonburg PA WIYQ
WIYQ-FM 100.3 Saxonburg PA WIYQ
WWCB-AM 1370 Corry PA WWCB
KBFS-AM 1450 Belle Fourche SD KBFS
KBJM-AM 1400 Lemmon SD KBJM
KJAM-AM 1390 Madison SD KJAM
KJAM-FM 103.1 Madison SD KJAM
KORN-AM 1490 Mitchell SD KORN
WBRY-AM 1540 Woodbury TN WBRY
WBRY-FM 107.1 Woodbury TN WBRY
WDBL-AM 1590 Springfield TN WDBL
WSLV-AM 1110 Ardmore TN
KIVY-AM 1290 Crockett TX KIVY
KIVY-F2 102.9 Crockett TX KIVY
KIVY-FM 92.7 Crockett TX KIVY
KMVL-AM 1220 Madisonville TX KMVL
KMVL-F2 98.9 Madisonville TX KMVL
KMVL-FM 100.5 Madisonville TX KMVL
KSEY-FM 94.3 Seymour TX KSEY
WAMV-AM 1420 Amherst VA WAMV
WKDW-AM 2500 Staunton VA WKDW
WYVE-AM Wytherville VA
KBSN-AM 1470 Moses Lake WA KBSN
WBEV-AM 1430 Beaver Dam WI WBEV
WCCN-AM 1370 Neillsville WI WCCN
WCCN-FM 107.5 Neillsville WI WCCN
WXRO-FM 95.3 Beaver Dam WI WXRO
WHAW-AM 980 Lost Creek WV WHAW
WOTR-FM 96.3 Weston WV WOTR
WVRW-FM 107.7 Glenville WV WVRW
KYDT-FM 103.1 Sundance WY KYDT
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