6 on-the-go mobile chargers

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    Research shows that people rely on mobile phones so much that anxiety often sets in when they're without one. It may sound crazy, but it's true. Today, mobile phones are vital tools on the farm, important for a range of utilities and business decisions, so it's understandable that you always want them to be on -- or at least available. Here are 6 mobile charging devices to use on the go.

  • Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro

    Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro

    Perfect for farmers, the Powerstation Pro offers a rugged design, tested using international standards for dust and water resistance. The charger is universal and works with most USB devices and can be recharged by USB. Price: $99.95.

  • MiPow Power Cube 8000M

    MiPow Power Cube 8000M

    The Power Cube 8000M from MiPow is specifically designed for micro-USB powered devices, including Android, Windows phones, Blackberry, and also features a female USB port accepting standard USB cords for iPhone and iPad. When the micro USB is being used, the female port can simultaneously charge a second device. Price: $99.

  • Eton BoostBloc 6600

    Eton BoostBloc 6600

    Eton's BoostBloc 6600 features a micro-USB unapt for use with most smartphones, and also offers two standard USB ports, allowing users to charge to devices at once. The rechargeable battery holds enough power to charge a typical smartphone about three times. And a quick shake of the charger illuminates LED indicators showing how much battery charge is left. Price: 99.99.

  • HyperJuice Mini

    HyperJuice Mini

    The HyperJuice Mini comes with two USB ports, which can be used to charge two USB devices at once. The HyperJuice can be recharged with a mini USB cable (included). The Mini can fully recharge a typical smartphone six times and can extend talk time by 72 hours. Price: 99.95.

  • MyCharge Peak 6000

    MyCharge Peak 6000

    The MyCharge Peak 6000 features a built-in Apple cable, mocro-USB cable, and USB port. The model can charge up to three devices at at the same time and can charge a smartphone up to four times on a single charge. It also holds a voice confirmation feature that notifies you when the device is charging, charged, or has a low battery. Price: $89.95.

  • KudoCase


    The KudoCase charges an iPad with solar power from outdoor and indoor light. The case boosts iPad battery life to up to 24 hours and charges additional devices with a built-in USB port. It also features an iPad HDMI adapter, making it compatible with with a TV or projector, and it's made of a hard core with rubberized coating. Price 129.95.

Here are 6 mobile charging devices to use on the go.

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