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Apply N & Water Cost-Effectively With Micro-Climate Network

Farmers don’t want to waste any inputs whether it’s water, nitrogen, or other nutrients, and we all know how much a field can vary from acre to acre. How do you determine how much water or N to apply to match those differing fields? As we move into the future of farming, we need to look for enhanced accuracy. Mike Thurow may have the key to accomplish just that. 

Growing up on a grain and hog farm 30 miles west of the Chicago O’Hare airport, Mike Thurow has always had agriculture running through his veins. That drove him to take on his first farm job with International Harvester then start Spectrum Technologies, Inc. 26 years ago with the simple motto, “To measure is to know.”

 “Our objective is to share our knowledge of the world of measurement tools and how these tools can make [farmers] have better decisions,” explains Mike.

Mike, President and CEO of Spectrum Technologies, Inc. is one of the many agriculture technology experts that will be at our brand-new Tools of the Future Tour taking place in Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois this June. He’s bringing a slew of knowledge, background, and tools that can help farmers apply nitrogen in the right amounts at the right time.

“We eat three meals a day. How are plants any different?” Mike has developed a nitrogen management smart phone app, Green Index, to aid farmers in determining how much N to apply at the V6-V10 stage to get the optimum yield. 

That’s not all Mike is bringing to the table. There’s a weather-monitoring platform consisting of micro-climate sensors that communicate wirelessly and forward up-to-date soil moisture and rain fall straight to your computer, smart phone, or tablet. This is merely the beginning of what these sensors can do. Mike envisions similar network systems implemented in grain bins and animal confinements to get accurate readings on temperature, humidity, or moisture content.

Get your hands on this technology! Mike is bringing all of the tools with him to all three day-long Tools of the Future tours. 

“We want farmers to see and feel the meters and to see how simple they are and easy to handle,” says Mike.

Be sure to attend the Tools of the Future Tour nearest you to talk with Mike and other ag experts from across the country! To register and see all of the topics covered, go to

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