5 favorite farm apps

Successful Farming magazine presented research in it's November 2011 issue (p. 32) showing just how big a trend smartphone technology has become on the farm. One part of that technology – and the focus of some research – was application usage. Apps offer a wide range of utility and entertainment to users – from reference guides to games, and more. Another Successful Farming study found that 55% of farmers own phones capable of running apps. That number, when compared to a Pew study showing that 35% of the general public own smartphones, proves that farmers are leading the way in app usage.

And it really isn't any surprise. Farmers use apps as utility. Farm businesses depend on real-time information, and mobile apps make simple work of accessing that data.

With the redesign of m.agriculture.com (the mobile website operated by Successful Farming magazine), you'll find incorporated an Ag Apps section, where editors guide you to the latest developments in agricultural mobile applications. From this section, you're able to download the app directly to your device. The goal is to bring you new interactive tools for your farm business.

The following five apps have been featured in the Ag Apps section at m.agriculture.com for varying time frames, and they have become the most-viewed app pages.

Corn Yield Calculator

The Corn Yield Calculator, developed by lifelong farmers, allows you to quickly estimate the amount of corn in a given field. Once in the field, simply “pick” three ears and determine if you have small, medium, or large kernels of corn. Next, provide specific field data for that field, including row spacing and row length, and the app will calculate the yield.

Price: $2.99

Platforms: Android and iPhone


FuelLog lets you add specific vehicles (Ford F150, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, etc.) to track fuel consumption and economy. The interface shows stats for both fuel consumption and average fuel costs automatically, and it includes a calculator to manually figure fuel economy. Although it's easy to calculate on your own, it's nice to have it in one place and automated.

Price: Free

Platform: Android

Garage & Guide

The Garage & Guide app from AMSOil takes the previous Auto & Light Truck app and adds the ability to store information on other vehicles, your shop equipment, and so much more. Keep track of maintenance on each piece of your machinery and get the most out of your shop workspace with this app.

Price: Free

Platform: Android


The Pioneer app provides a suite of digital farm tools, including agronomy resources, weather forecasts and maps, marketing information, and more.

An agronomy section delivers a library of crop-focus articles, as well as insect and disease information, complete with detailed photographs.

Calculators, including one for Growing Degree Units (GDU), can help manage your business. The field record-keeping section allows you to securely record and view data on all your farm operations, and to view 30-year historical GDUs.

Price: Free

Platform: Android


Created by the California Soil Resource Lab at the University of California, Davis, SoilWeb allows you to understand the ground that you are standing on with the touch of a button.

The app retrieves USDA-NRCS soil survey data for the field you're in, including soil series names and profiles. You'll find that researching soil information has never been easier.

Price: Free

Platforms: Android and iPhone

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