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1. BodyMedia FIT 

BodyMedia FIT is a body monitoring system that consists of an armband and a subscription-based online activity manager (also available via free iPhone and Android apps). The armband reads data off your body at a speed of 5,000 data points per minute to automatically track your calories consumed and calories burned. It works as a fitness monitor to measure the intensity of your workouts and the quality of your sleep.

Price: Starting at $119, plus $6.95 per month for activity-manager subscription. The app is free.

2. Withings Blood Pressure Monitor 

The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor measures pressure with an armband connected to an iPhone app. At the end of the measurement, the full results – including the systolic and diastolic blood pressure and bpm (beats per minute) – are saved on your device and are synced to an account accessible from a Web browser. The app simply averages all of your blood pressure data in graphs and tracks progress over time.

Price: $129 for the armband. The app is free.

3. Zeo Sleep Manager Pro 

The Zeo Sleep Manager Pro uses a wireless sensor headband to track the quality of your sleep, then it gives you a personalized assessment and expert advice to help you improve. The sensor tracks your sleep patterns and sends the data to Zeo's free app for iPhone and Android, which graphs the data, showing the time you spent in deep, REM, and light sleep.

Price: $99 for the headband. The app is free.

4. iBGstar 

iBGStar is a blood glucose meter that connects directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch for use with the iBGStar Diabetes Manager app. A blood glucose test strip is inserted into a port connected to your mobile device. The app calculates your test sample, displays results, and archives them for future reference.

Price: $59.99 for the monitoring system; $51.99 for the test strips.

5. Pocket First Aid & CPR App 

The Pocket First Aid & CPR app from the American Heart Association provides quick, concise, and clear first aid and CPR instructions from your iPhone or Android smartphone. The app includes a new design, easily navigated content, a series of videos and high-resolution illustrations, and a new search function. The tool has proven itself invaluable after it helped save a life during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Price: $1.99.

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