On location with Ashlie Kolb

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    Introducing Ashlie

    Ashlie Kolb, a Nashville media talent, is the new guest host for Agriculture.com. Recently, she appeared in a new video production on the re-launch of the mobile website, m.agriculture.com. 

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    New & improved

    The new mobile site, scheduled for launch in September, will  offer a number of new features, including an improved marketing section, a commodity price ticker, video, and an apps tray for agriculture.

  • 03

    Talking it over

    Ashlie and Blake Reding, executive producer for REL Productions, discuss the script just prior to taping.

  • 04

    Getting set

    The video crew, with field producer Bill Goy “under cover,” gets ready to shoot the opening scene on the Tom Mylet farm in central Indiana.

  • 05

    Successful Farming

    Petar Madjarac, production coordinator, surveys the scene for last-minute changes.

  • 06

    Close to the camera

    The camera comes in close as Ashlie talks about the top features for the new m.agriculture.com.

  • 07

    On the go

    Ashlie keeps moving to new locations on the farm, pointing out that the new mobile website lets you get the latest agricultural information from wherever you are.

  • 08

    Taking a break

    Ashlie, an Illinois farm girl, grew up showing sheep, cattle and hogs. She showed livestock at the Indiana State Fair this year.

  • 09

    Closing scene

    Ashlie checks out a good stand of soybeans on the Mylet farm in the final scene of the show. “Consider yourself invited to jump on to m.agriculture.com and start making use of all our features, tools, and information," she says. 

  • 10

    Coming soon

    Keep in touch with Agriculture.com to learn more about the new mobile website and Ashlie Kolb.

The making of an m.agriculture.com video

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