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Tour Mobile with Ashlie Kolb

If you own a smartphone – or you are thinking about buying one – be sure to check out the new version of, the mobile website operated by Successful Farming magazine. The site is loaded with features that can help you better manage your farm business. And, according to Indiana farmer Ashlie Kolb (shown above), it’s a destination you’ll want to visit on a regular basis. 

Kolb has plenty of experience in agriculture and media. She grew up on a farm in Illinois, is active in her family’s operation now, and has a degree in communications. She’s also a Nashville-based television talent. Kolb recently took on the role of guest host for and Successful Farming magazine.

Kolb quickly became expert in how to use the new mobile site to check the weather, markets, and news, to connect with other farmers, and to stay current on everything related to Successful Farming magazine. 

“One of the great features of is the markets section,” says Kolb. “It has an up-to-the-minute price ticker, powerful charts, and detailed advice and articles. With just a couple clicks, you’re up on the futures, cash prices, and all of the commodities that impact you.”

Another feature she discusses in her video tour is the Marketing Talk section. “Here, you can interact with farmers and advisers. You can find out what folks are saying about strategies and discuss events that are moving the market,” she says.

She also likes the website’s unique Ag Apps section, a place where editors guide you to the latest developments in agricultural applications that you can download for your device. 

“In the app tray, the editors feature the newest and most useful apps for farming and rural life all in one place. I love that,” she says.

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