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8 Twitter Agvocates

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has been used to break news, spur revolutions, entertain, and educate. For farmers and the agriculture community, it’s a great resource for market reports, crop news, planting tips, technology updates, and more. Twitter can help you connect with industry experts, your farming peers, and agvocates. Plus, it’s not all business. Learn fun ag facts, hear entertaining anecdotes, and see some breathtaking photography from across the countryside.

Check out these Twitter accounts for insightful, entertaining agriculture updates:

@AgProudRyan – Ryan Goodman

  • Twitter Bio: Helping #Montana ranchers communicate the great work they do. #OkState alumnus, #RedDirt music, #IHeartBeef, #Runner. Thoughts are my own. I’m Agriculture Proud.
  • Followers: 7,300
Recent Tweet: New #blog post came about last night after irrigation, watching the #sunset. All typed on the phone in the pasture
  • Why you should follow him (in 140 characters): Ryan shares his life on the ranch through intriguing tweets, photos, and blog posts.
  • Bonus: Check out his blog.

@MNagriculture – Minnesota Department of Agriculture

  • Twitter Bio: The Minnesota Department of Agriculture's mission is to ensure the integrity of our food supply, health of our environment, and strength of our ag economy.

  • Followers: 10.6K

  • Recent Tweet: Important 2014 deadlines for livestock disaster aid. Via @minnesotafarm  #mnag #agchat cc: @usdafsa

  • Why you should follow the account: MNag is fantastic on sharing updates and keeping up with ag beyond the state’s borders.

@thepioneerwoman – Ree Drummond

  • Twitter Bio: I’m the Pioneer Woman. Desperate Ranchwife. Mother of Four. Lover of Butter. Amen
  • Followers: 472K
Recent Tweet: There's a bull in my yard. I think I'll go inside now.

  • Why you should follow her: Ree has spirited posts about life on the ranch, cooking, and home schooling.
  • Bonus: Check out her TV show on the Food Network and her blog.

@akleinschmidt – Andy Kleinschmidt

  • Twitter Bio: Strong supporter of all things ag | Student of agriculture | Purdue and Iowa State | DuPont Pioneer | Views are mine
  • Followers: 8,900
  • Recent Tweet: Can agricultural intensification be sustainable and productive without losing our ethics? An emphatic 'yes!' from me 

  • Why you should follow him: Andy’s Twitter feed combines his passion for agriculture with fun, interesting ag facts.

@BNorthey – Bill Northey

  • Twitter Bio: Iowa Secretary of Ag, corn and soybean farmer, and grandpa!

  • Followers: 6,000
  • Recent Tweet: Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers (#CSIF) is 10 yrs old.  They have helped 2,700 farm families!  #AgJobs

  • Why you should follow him: Bill is a tireless supporter of ag within Iowa and across the world.

@mpaynknoper – Michele Payn-Knoper

  • Twitter Bio: Farm, food, and science connector. Mom. Author of No More Food Fights! Kickboxing professional speaker. Love Holsteins, fitness, and vino.
  • Followers: 19.7K

  • Recent Tweet: Delighted to see the green haze of corn popping up after some much needed rain. The world seems right when fields are growing. #agchat

  • Why you should follow her: Michele is an agvocator with an emphasis on food education.

@JeffSimmons2050 – Jeff Simmons

  • Twitter Bio: President of @Elanco. Pursuing solutions to #FeedThe9 by 2050. Committed to future leaders. Making it personal. Tweets are my own.
  • Followers: 2,500
  • Recent Tweet: Impressed by innovation on a PA dairy farm – 10 gallons of #milk/day vs. global avg. of 2 gal/day. #feedthe9 

  • Why you should follow him: Jeff travels the world looking for sustainable solutions to help farmers feed 9 billion people by 2050.

@DebbieLB – Debbie Lyons-Blythe

  • Twitter Bio: I’m a cattle rancher in Kansas, wife, and mom to 5 kids. Yes, seriously!

  • Followers: 4,600
Recent Tweet: 168 heifers, 8 bulls, 2 pickup trucks, and 3 girls. We got it done! Heifers are in the summer pasture! #GirlPower

  • Why you should follow her: Debbie is a passionate rancher and mother who shares her life experiences from both of these important roles.
  • Bonus: Check out her blog.

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