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GDA Corporation Introduces CropSignalTM; Redefines Agricultural Intelligence Market

June 28th, 2011 - Geospatial
Data Analysis Corporation (GDA), a leader in satellite-based agricultural and
environmental intelligence gathering and distribution, announced today the
introduction of CropSignal,

CropSignal is an Agricultural Intelligence on-demand platform that empowers
users with unprecedented access to the latest in public sources of agricultural
intelligence data, ranging from crop statistics to weather to supply and demand,
as well as a range of analytical and visualization tools to make the most of
the vast stores of data.

Commodity trading, farm operations,
logistics planning, resource management and agriculture enterprise companies
are always looking for an edge, relating to the latest agricultural
intelligence available, to assist them in making complex decisions every day. The
only solutions available to date are public sources that lack the timeliness
and ease of use required and private sources that are high cost and allow
little to no analysis or custom visualization capabilities.

CropSignal changes the dynamic of
the market place by offering the ultimate in user flexibility in the
manipulation, analysis and report generation of intelligence data, all in a
cost effective on-demand platform. User subscriptions start as low as $79 per
user per month and CropSignal is available to any user with an internet
connection and a browser. No software downloads are required allowing for true
24/7 access anywhere in the world.

“We have a great deal of experience in
agricultural intelligence data and the operational delivery of that
intelligence to several US government agencies,” said Stephanie Hulina, CEO of
GDA Corporation. “We felt what was available in the private sector lacked the
flexibility and tools required to truly allow people to couple their expertise
with the available information. We believe providing this will create real and
quantifiable advancement in the use and value of agricultural intelligence.”

CropSignal combines data from
multiple public sources, including various agencies within the USDA. Enterprise
customers, through the customizable Enterprise subscription level, have
additional data capabilities such as importing their own datasets as well as
accessing GDA’s satellite image-based proprietary crop intelligence services.

With CropSignal, users can simply
monitor a catalog of standard reports and executive dashboards (whose results
are continuously refreshed when new data is available) or dive into a full
blown analysis by accessing the raw data and a simple to use library of
analysis and visualization tools, including interactive charts and maps.  Providing users with data collection and
database management services along with a full range of analysis capabilities
demonstrates one of the true powers of CropSignal.


CropSignal is available today by

About GDA Corporation

Geospatial Data
Analysis Corporation (GDA) is a recognized leader in agricultural intelligence
and a leading solutions provider to the USDA and other federal and state
government agencies. GDA specializes in the analysis of satellite imagery and,
in particular, the automated pre-processing, data extraction, analysis and operational
delivery of intelligence products for the agricultural, environmental and
resource management arenas. GDA is built on the principle that the use of
advanced science and technology can have a profound impact on the world in
which we live.

To learn more about GDA please visit our
corporate website at

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