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Machine management

If you farm a lot of acres and manage many pieces of equipment, you know you can't be everywhere at once.

Would you like your tractor to alert you when it needs an air filter? Could you use help with the logistics of getting your workers to the right field? Would you like to be notified when your tractor leaves a specified area?

A new equipment information management strategy introduced by John Deere can do all that and more.

“The John Deere FarmSight global suite of solutions uses integrated, wireless technology that links the equipment, owners, operators, dealers, and agricultural consultants to provide even more productivity to your farm or business,” says Jerry Roell, Director Coordinated Farm & Worksite Solutions.

Three key elements

The suite consists of three key components.

1. Machine optimization. Capture, use, and analyze your data more efficiently to troubleshoot problems before they happen.

It's a big job just to manage equipment maintenance. When you're working more acres every year, you can't afford to spend a greater amount of time on the phone and computer than you do in the field.

This system links machines, operators, and farm managers so you can keep up with equipment maintenance and monitor machine hours so you get the most out of your equipment and improve your fleet's performance.

2. Logistics optimization. Transform your operational data into actionable, information-based insights to improve production and your bottom line.

It's not just about the machines; it's also about the people running them. Because fields aren't always close together or easy to find, you are spending more time transporting and tending equipment than ever before. Use satellite data to provide maps and directions to save time and make sure equipment is where it is supposed to be.

JD Link, John Deere's telematic solution, is an important component of John Deere FarmSight. It lets you set up a geofence around your equipment and calls when a given piece of machinery leaves that area. Whether it's an operator who is lost or something worse, it's a concept that can save you valuable time and money.

3. Ag decision support. Having a trusted business partner in your local dealer is more important than ever.

This technology, enabled by JD Link, can be set up on equipment so your dealer knows when your machine needs something. He or she can respond quickly to handle basic service calls and more. For example, if your tractor needs an air filter, not only are you notified but also your dealership gets the notification.

You spend a great deal of time coordinating machines and drivers and are constantly juggling things when a machine goes down. With John Deere FarmSight in place, you can troubleshoot problems before they happen.

“We are investing in networking tools that will help farmers manage data and information from their machinery easily and efficiently to assist in making better decisions for their operation,” says Roell. “This technology is going to save farmers time and money, because the things they used to do manually are now done automatically with John Deere FarmSight.”

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