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Wireless Temperature and Humidity sensors designed for Greenhouses

a stable temperature and humidity level inside a greenhouse is essential to the
health of a greenhouse.

STH-03ZB, the mainstay on the NHR series of Temperature and Humidity devices, which helps greenhouse owners to analyze data within the greenhouse. With
the data that is received, the greenhouse owner can know about the
environment inside the greenhouse. “I received the four STH-03ZB
sensors and have started testing them.  I like the way they connect easily
and work well with RT Cirrus and the price is great.”
says Larry
Lemanaire, a Greenhouse owner in Connecticut. 

Greenhouse owners that use the ZigBee Temperature and Humidity sensor allows  the owner to store, and analyze data about the Greenhouse. The owner can then modify what they learn from the greenhouse data and adjust accordingly. The greenhouse owners who use our wireless sensors are excited to use this type of technology. They can instantly know what is happening inside their greenhouse and reap a better harvest at the end of the growing season.

The ZigBee Series Temperature and Humidity sensors allow for better connection as they can know for a fact that the device automatically connects if the device goes offline for any reason. Within a few seconds to a few minutes, the device will connect automatically without the help of human interaction. 

The STH-03ZB is a ZigBee wireless device, which means that transmitting means no wire installation expenses and allows the greenhouse to be free of wires. 

For more information regarding the STH-03ZB and other temperature and humidity sensors and data loggers by NHR, please contact Howard at the email address listed:

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