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Women in Agriculture

                               WOMEN IN AGRICULTURE


From times memorable Women have played an important role,
side by side with Men 

in agriculture

In fact the hard part in the field is done by women,
plugging the produce like cotton

is a back breaking job, besides attending to the family
needs, cooking, attending children, collecting firewood , maintenance of their
home in most  unhygienic condition


We need to pay full attention to improve their lot, what
have we done in this regard ?


  1. Health.  In 
    the Field, working dusty condition, men and women to prone to
    develop   Bronchitis effecting the
    lungs, as a precaution Dusk Mask should be a Must., why are they not given

  1. Back
    Ache is also common

  1. Lack
    of  Drinking Water, water available
    is injurious for Health

  1. Child
    Health Care is hardly available.

of Basic Education in their required field at home and in fields


  1. How
    to engage to some additional income like breeding Silk Worms


Mulberry trees are available all
round the country, why not train them ,

We can establish a Silk


Growing of Flowers on borders of
their fields, for local consumption and export as well      


Breeding of Fancy Poultry for
Export, Poland, Japan, Thailand lead the World market


In conclusion  I request the Government, NGOs, Women Entrepreneurs
to consider my suggestion to improve their lot to the benefit of our country


B. Shah 






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