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Farmall Land farewell

They say every tractor has a story, and I’m a storyteller - so let’s tell tractor stories!
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I think they’re cool, and I hope you will too! This is Interesting Iron!

As you’ve probably heard, Jerry and Joyce Mez are retiring from the museum business, so Farmall Land’s doors are closing. Their final weekend in business is next weekend, and if you’ve never been there, you owe it to yourself to stop by and see what makes this place so magical. I’ve got all of the details (phone numbers, website, directions, all that stuff) in the blog post on Tractor Zoom. Click that blue button below to get to the post!

If you’ve ever wondered what true passion looks like, Farmall Land USA is where you’ll find the answer. From the moment you walk in the doors and sign the three-ring binder guest book on the table, you’ll not only see the passion – you’ll feel it. Over the past 50 or so years, Jerry and Joyce Mez have built an utterly amazing collection of the red machinery that built this country. They genuinely appreciate the opportunity to show it to anybody who walks through their doors, too.

Jerry and Joyce Mez

Jerry’s grown up around red tractors almost all of his life. The Mez family moved to Avoca, Iowa, from Falls City, Nebraska, and Max (Jerry’s father) opened Avoca Implement in 1943 when Jerry was just a toddler. The dealership was quite successful, and eventually expanded to locations in Greenfield, Iowa, and (for a short time) Atlantic, Iowa. Jerry and Joyce sold both dealerships to Titan Machinery in 2008. The museum has been their full-time focus since then.

“Since I was 3 years old, everything I have is attributable to farm equipment,” Jerry said in a 2010 interview.

Jerry began collecting red tractors in the mid-70s when he got out of the Army. The first one in the collection? One of the first tractors his dad ever sold, a Farmall F-20. It was all downhill from there! Jerry and Joyce have close to 220 tractors in the collection now (nearly all of them premerger tractors), give or take a few. You’ll usually find about 150 on display at any given time.
There’s a lot more to the Farmall Land USA story, and to Jerry and Joyce Mez.

Go to the website below to read my full write-up and see a ton of photos from some of my visits with them!

Ryan Roossinck
Hi! I’m Ryan, and I love tractors. It doesn’t matter if it’s a showpiece, an oddball, or seen its share of life ... if it’s unique and it’s listed by one of our auctioneer partners at TractorZoom, I’m going to show it off a little bit! This equipment is all up for auction RIGHT NOW so you can bid on them! I think they’re cool, and I hope you will, too. This is Interesting Iron!

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