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John Deere Introduces New Specialty Tractor

John Deere has introduced the new 5075GL specialty tractor for farmers working in orchards and vineyards. The new narrow, low-profile machine is ideal for navigating tight spaces in dense, high value crop fields.

Growers will appreciate the small stature of the specialty tractor but can still enjoy enough power to pull flail mowers, rotary cutters, spray tanks, and trimming equipment. The 5075GL is also powerful enough to push harvest bins, even over hilly terrain.

“This is a great addition to the John Deere high value crop lineup,” says Justin Cherry, marketing manager for John Deere specialty tractors. “The small stature of the 5075GL helps growers harvest their crop with less damage to trees, vines and fruit, enabling higher yields and a larger return on their investment.

The tractor stands just over 4-ft. tall and is just as wide. To date it is the narrowest tractor John Deere offers. It has four-wheel-drive, and an open station provides maximum visibility for the operator.

The ROPs can be folded down to maximize clearances and avoid damage to valuable fruit.

The base model 5075GL has a 25.5-gal. per minute hydraulic flow rate. The company says that is enough to help tackle cutting, spraying, and hauling tasks. An additional third pump can be added to increase hydraulic flow to almost 33.5-gal. per minute.

The three-range, 24/12 PowrReverser transmission on the 5075GL includes creeper speeds. Operators use electrohydraulic high-low and declutch push-buttons to select the best speed.

The 5075GL is built in Rovigo, Italy and is now available through John Deere dealers. Starting price for a base model is listed at $55,420. The tractor is covered by a 2-Year or 2,000 hour warranty. For more information visit

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