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10 start-ups tackle key challenges in beef, dairy, hog, and poultry production

At the 2022 Animal AgTech Innovation Summit, four of the 10 innovators below will be selected to showcase their solutions during the Start-Up Pitching Session. The featured start-ups are tackling key challenges facing beef, dairy, hog, and poultry production. The Summit, which takes place on March 21 in San Francisco, is known for its focus on innovation, animal health, nutrition, and precision farming.

Meet the 10 Start-Ups

AudioT (USA). This company applies acoustics and machine learning to analyze vocalizations for evidence-based animal welfare and performance enhancement goals. If you know how to listen, chickens can tell you a lot about their mental state, their health status, and their environment.

Bialtec (Colombia). This start-up offers a portfolio of biotechnological products for animal nutrition, improving production performance and quality of life by advancing intestinal health and composition. Bialtec employs biotechnology, microbiology, metagenomics, and microencapsulation to design and produce the next generation of antibiotic-free Animal Growth Promoters (AGPs).

Distynct (USA). By connecting unlimited devices, Distynct automates data collection and reporting that are most important to a producer. Information flows from the barn back to a customized user interface where insights can help direct daily chores more efficiently. It also enables producers to intervene earlier when health issues arise.

FeedFlo (Canada). This start-up provides real-time, actionable data on the feed flowing through barns. Its patent-pending sensor and predictive software technology reduce feed costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve animal health.

EIO Diagnostics (USA). By combining advanced imaging and machine learning, EIO Diagnostics provides real-time detection of mastitis without touching the milk or the cow. This is an ideal solution for farmers looking to increase automation to reduce labor and costs associated with mastitis detection, while improving milk quality. It is easy to install and integrates with existing herd management solutions.

Jaguza Livestock Ltd. (Uganda). This start-up uses drones, sensors, data science, and machine learning to improve core aspects of farm operations to become more efficient, productive, and sustainable. Its comprehensive platform encompasses livestock monitoring, disease detection, information dissemination, a one-stop online veterinarian, and a marketplace for livestock, equipment, and drugs, among other farm necessities.

Marble Technologies (USA). This company creates intelligent technologies to automate labor-intensive, repetitive, and difficult processing tasks across the food supply chain. It utilizes artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics, and control system technologies to deliver the next generation of automation to the meat supply chain and is starting with the beef and pork industries.

MyAniml (USA). This start-up uses patent pending artificial intelligence to analyze a picture of a cow’s face and muzzle to predict diseases. It provides a notification two days before an owner can visibly tell. This not only saves money in reduced treatment costs, spreading of disease, and deaths but also increases revenue.

Psigryph (Canada), This company is developing livestock feed additives with greatly enhanced absorption, which reduces feed inputs, nitrate greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental pollution from phosphorus. Psigryph achieves this through Nanopect, a food technology that enables highly efficient oral delivery of biologically active molecules like nutrients, pharmaceuticals, and biopesticides.

Symbrosia (USA). This start-up has developed a novel seaweed feed additive from the red seaweed Asparagopsis taxiformis, which reduces livestock methane emissions by 90%. With a tech-first approach to cultivation, distribution, and impact measurement, Symbrosia is bringing its feed additive to market at scale to create the world’s most sustainable beef and dairy.

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