3 supplements for cattle

Moderate supplementation can prevent possible deficiencies in catte.

Nonantibiotic Growth Supplement

Diamond V has a nonantibiotic product called NaturSafe, which is intended to get cattle off to a fast and healthy start, says the company. This natural product made from the company’s microbial fermentation procedures can be fed to cattle and calves on a natural or organic program that doesn’t allow implants or antibiotics.

Diamond V representatives say the fermentation products in NaturSafe will promote rumen health and give immune system support. They recommend it be fed to beef cows at 14 grams per head per day, to starting calves at 4 pounds per ton of finished feed, and to feedlot cattle at 3.25 pounds per ton.

Phelps County Feeders in Holdrege, Nebraska, maintains two feedlots. One feeds conventional cattle; the other utilizes natural methods. The producers started feeding NaturSafe to the natural cattle to improve performance without conventional feed additives. They liked the results so well that they added it to their conventional feedlot, too. 

Manager Joe Klute says death loss is down (under 2%) and performance is up. Their cost for NaturSafe is approximately $7 per head for a 200-day feeding period. Diamond V says your sales representative will give the exact cost for your situation. 

Breeding Season Mineral Supplement

Kent has a vitamin-mineral supplement for breeding heifers and cows to enhance breeding performance. Called Black Premium Full Flush, it’s part of the Kent Framework 365 year-round mineral program.

The Black Premium mineral can be mixed with feed or fed free choice from precalving through the breeding season. Some producers offer it from three weeks prior to breeding through the breeding season, says a Kent spokesperson, then switch to a standard pasture mineral.

Key features and benefits of the Black Premium Full Flush supplement include:

  • Rain-Cote to keep the product free-flowing and palatable.
  • Kent BoVantage to aid in reducing the effects of heat stress.
  • Zinpro Availa 4 to deliver a combination of trace minerals that may increase the chances of conception.
  • DiaMune Se Yeast to enhance reproductive performance and placental cleanout.
  • Kent Natural Yeast to help in fiber digestion.
  • Vitamins A, D, and E to reduce days to first estrus in cows.

The product is fed at 4 ounces per head per day to breeding cattle.

Pour-On Reduces Pain And Inflammation

Merck Animal Health has a pour-on product, Banamine Transdermal, for control of pain and fever associated with foot rot and bovine respiratory disease (BRD). Scott Bormann of the company says the product is “the first nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory cattle product available as a pour-on.”

A single dose of Banamine Transdermal is absorbed into the bloodstream within minutes and has long duration activity, says the company. In studies with animals exposed to BRD, 58.3% of cattle treated had at least a 2°F. drop in body temperature within six hours, compared with 6% in the placebo group.

Banamine Transdermal is a veterinary prescription product, emphasizes Merck. It is applied in a strip from an animal’s withers to the tail head. The cost, says the company, is comparable to injectable products when you factor in labor, convenience, and savings since no syringes are needed.

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