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Beef Insider: New products

Winkel Bale Hoop Feeder


Winkel Manufacturing’s Bale
Hoop Feeder uses a unique bale suspension design, which restricts cattle from
pulling hay out of the feeder and onto the ground, resulting in more hay
consumed and less hay made into bedding. Suspension is made of 12 ¼-inch chains
attached to 12 reinforced plates behind sheet metal for strong, solid
construction. Angle irons at the top and bottom allow greater strength. Holds a
1-ton bale and has 18 feeding spaces. Skirting size allows you to flip feeder
to accommodate smaller cattle. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $825.

800/466-3606 |

Ritchie Omni 10 Waterer


The Omni 10 Waterer from
Ritchie Industries features an all-around drinking area and a 304 stainless
steel trough with heat elements attached to the underside for frost-free
service under the most severe winter conditions. The body is made from
Ritchie’s heavy-duty polyethylene construction. The fountain is insulated with
energy-efficient polyurethane foam. The trough holds 28 gallons of water and
has capacity for 275 head of cattle. Contact a distributor for pricing

800/747-0222 |

Moly’s Hydraulic Sort Gate


Moly Manufacturing’s
three-way, Hydraulic Sort Gate utilizes a more passive environment for
livestock than the old, active environment with a person in an alley trying to
sort animals. Moly’s hydraulically operated modular sort gates help lower
stress for the animals and the people, which, in turn, promotes safety. Sort
Gates can easily be added to an existing facility and are designed to add to an
existing hydraulic system. The Sort Gates are operated by hydraulic levers or
by wireless remote. Contact Moly Manufacturing, Inc., for pricing information. 

785/472-3388 |

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