Cattle Industry Convention highlights

  • 02

    Let more good times roll In the beef business

    What more can be said about this cattle market? It’s in the stratosphere: Market-ready choice steers over $1,600 a head; good lightweight feeder calves $1,000; even cull cows near $1 a pound!

  • 03

    Helping pastures recover from extreme weather

    Hopefully, this year will be one of recovery, says one pasture and range specialist who shared advice with beef producers for bringing pastures back to full production after floods, droughts, or both.

  • 04

    How to stretch pastures and feed less hay

    Hay and grazing specialists shared their message of a '300-day' program for grazing, getting the most out of your hay and forage as you can. See their 5-step process here.

  • 07

    Feed and flies are buzz at Cattle Trade Show

    Nothing creates buzz on the National Cattle Industry Convention Trade Show floor like fly control products, and feed additives that reduce the cost of feeding cattle. Here are some hot products from Nashville in both categories.

  • 10

    Know thy pastures, then fix them

    Not only are farmers and ranchers looking for ways to stretch corn and grain feeds for cattle, they want to stretch pastures, too.

  • 11

    S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G feed to the max

    What can I do to feed less corn, or cheapen a feedlot ration? That question is high on the mind of cattlemen, and lots of people were trying to give them an answer at the National Cattle Industry Convention.

  • 12

    Expert paints the world ag view

    The days of living in our own little world are over. That's the message delivered to beef producers this week by Bill Cordingley, head of the agribusiness research department for international banking giant Rabo AgriFinance.

Check out a few highlights from the 2012 Cattle Industry Convention!

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