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Help for getting cows bred quickly

Parnell Living Science, an animal health company that originated in Australia, has received regulatory approval in the U.S. for products and a management plan for timed artificial insemination of beef and dairy cows.

The system, Synchronization Pack, doesn’t require heat detection. Starting about a week ahead of when you want to breed a cow, you begin a series of three injections. First, it gets a 1 cc injection of  Gonabreed (gonadorelin) to begin the process. That is followed 6 to 8 days later with 2 ccs of Estroplan, a cloprostenol hormonal product. Thirty to 72 hours after that, it is given another 1 cc of Gonabreed.

These injections sets up the cow’s reproductive system to ovulate, and she can be bred 0 to 24 hours after the last injection without heat detection. Thirty percent or more will conceive on day one of insemination whether showing visible heat or not.

Or, Parnell says you can wait and inseminate on detected heat using your normal breeding procedures. The product has still put the cows into a strong and synchronized reproductive mode.
While many producers have used hormonal products to accomplish fixed-time A.I. in the past, Parnell CEO Robert Joseph says they have used those other products off-label without FDA approval. Parnell has been working with FDA to get official clearance for its Synchronization Pack products for four years. The product is approved for lactating and non-lactating cows.

In addition to hormone products, Parnell is introducing an app to help veterinarians and producers (dairy, initially) learn about new reproductive tools, and keep records of performance.

Q&A on the new estrus synch tool

Q: What is the cost of Synchronization Pack?

Robert Joseph: It’s about $7 per head.

Q: Is the Synch Pack program only used under veterinary supervision?
RJ: Yes, it takes a veterinarian prescription. It will be sold through various channels.

Q: What is the success of timed A.I. using your system?
RJ: In studies we’ve done on over 20,000 cows, the pregnancy rate on day one of breeding has been about 30%, versus about 10% or less without Synchronization Pack. And if you follow cows on the program about 60% of them will be bred by day 21. If you go out to six weeks, the number is over 80%. If a cow doesn’t conceive on the fixed-time insemination, you get a very strong heat on the next cycle and can breed her on heat detection. 

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