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Boshoff Beyers How Benefits of Cattle Farming Outweigh the Challenges Associated With It

How Benefits of Cattle Farming Outweigh the Challenges Associated With It

How Benefits of Cattle Farming Outweigh the Challenges Associated With It

There is a saying among farmers that cattle farming entails 80% hard work and 20% satisfaction. Some would argue for even lesser ratio when it comes to satisfaction. What this DOESN’T mean is that the fruits in terms of money earned not worth the hard work and investment you put in. What it DOES mean that your hard work pays you much more than just money. The ability to raise your own livestock cattle has long-term benefits and you have enough reasons to revel in the joys it provides. But before getting the sermon on for explaining the benefits, let’s begin with discussing why few farmers begin to lose heart and how you must prepare yourself so that you don’t regret why you decided to raise livestock cattle in the first place.

You have to be on your toes- ALL THE TIME

They need proper shelter, just the right amount of nutrition, and time to time vaccination and some. And all this is much easier said than done. If there is one job you need to be good at multitasking, its cattle farming. You have to be diligent, you have to be ready to shed a lot of sweat, you need to be flexible with changing seasons. You need to deliver focus on every decision you make – whether it is preparing for different seasons, making fences, checking your cow for pregnancy, wean calves and or any other activity.

Panic buttons are hit when you see the health of your cattle dropping drastically. Out of nowhere, you cow seems underweight. She is lying in one corner, looking sick, failing to even stand on her four legs. One of the common diseases cows suffer from is Bovine Respiratory Disease, caused by weak lungs. You need to make sure you provide a hygienic and strain-free atmosphere in order to avoid it.

Why Is All of It Absolutely Worth It

Afore mentioned ‘10%’ is infinitely multiplied as the maw of time gets deeper, and gradually you began to realize how important those paychecks have been. The delight of seeing the baby calves newly born from your cow can alone match up to the monetary pleasure you take from holding as many as three paychecks. You can even customize that tractor you bought recently with additional tools and facilities, as you have the purchasing power to do so.

Apart from the hefty and sometimes no-so-hefty paychecks from cow sales, farming of livestock cattle has its own health benefits. Lifting those heavy bales,

shoveling, fixing or building fence, etc demands a lot from you physically.

And when it comes to challenges, the Farmfreund products help you to a great deal in dealing with them effectively.

The benefits of cattle farming cannot be manifestly charted down. Now whether cattle profitability is your motivation, or it has something to do with more personal reasons, livestock cattle farming is worth it. Period.

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