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Boshoff Beyers pink eye treatment

Pinkeye Problems in Cows

Quick Facts…

      • The progression of clinical signs of pinkeye is consistent and predictable.
      • Pinkeye typically occurs in an outbreak, affecting first lactation cows soon after calving. Younger and older animals may also be affected but not as frequently.
      • The goals of pinkeye treatment are to eliminate the causative agent using by antibiotics and to prevent rupture of the eye.


Pinkeye is known technically as Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis, in recognition of its contagious nature and the damage that results to the cornea (the clear portion of the eye) and conjunctiva. The causative agent is Moraxella bovis, but other factors, such as direct sunlight and dust, are thought to be necessary in order for the disease to be present. Flies are important vectors involved in spread of the organism from one cow to another. The immune status of the cow also appears to play an important role in the expression of the disease. Cows are almost never affected with pinkeye more than once in their lifetimes and seldom are affected in more than one eye.

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