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Boshoff Beyers Since the dawn of time humans have consumed meat


Boshoff Beyers wrote

Since the dawn of time humans have consumed meat and in the last few centuries
farmers have cultivated animals to fulfill this requirements any farmer will
tell you to produce good beef you need to look after your animals creating a
safe and stress free environment for animals to grow to their potential this has
not been an easy task in the past certain procedures that has to bee performed
on animals caused tress and sometimes injuries but that has all changed thanks
to farm group for a decade farm group has been supplying a trusted product that
has made life easier for farmers this tried tested and trusted product is the
Farmfreund an animal immobilization device the Farmfreund is a device that
consists of a probe with all its electronics contained inside it is very easy to
use light weight wireless and mobile the Farmfreund is an anal probe that emits
a slight electrical current to immobilize animals this painless and save process
insures the animal will be calm and immobilized during any procedure you would
like to perform for procedures like dehorning and ear tagging insert the device
and adjust the frequency shift the animals tail to either side of the probe the
animal will lifts its head and turn it to the opposit side making work easy for
the most effective results during the branding procedure insert the device
regulate the frequency and adjust the dive the opposit leg the work is to be
done on the animal will then lifts its leg and give you trouble free access to
the concerned area, when performing castration the device is inserted in a
straight manner and the frequency regulated the animal will now be completely
immobilized when you work Farmfreund can be used for any application where
immobilization is a requirement for animal safety Farmfreund is not only a
immobilization device it is an environmentally sound tool that will save you
money by reducing animal stress and injuries our products are all assembled in
Germany and build to the highest standards Farmfreund was developed to fulfill a
need and who better to understand a farmers requirements than a another farmer
farm group we are farmers too

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