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Cattle comfort in the stall

Keeping cattle healthy and happy means you must provide an environment that is clean yet comfortable. But shoveling a pile of sand, straw, or wood shavings into stall after stall can be backbreaking and time-consuming. Devices like the McLanahan Stall Filler, the Tomahawk Dual Chop Straw Shredder, and the Woodchuck Bedding Spreader make stall maintenance a breeze.

McLanahan stall filler

This Stall Filler (shown above) is specifically designed to handle sand. There is no metal-to-metal contact when sand is present. Depending on sand type and conditions, you can fill more than 100 stalls in 2.5 minutes and discharge sand from either side up to 15 feet.

The unit has a 10-cubic-yard (heaped) or 8-cubic-yard (struck level) capacity. Trailer or truck models are available. Controls are electric over hydraulic, which means the hopper belt, discharge belt tilt, speed, and direction are all controlled from the tractor seat.

List price starts at $35,000. To learn more about this product, visit

Tomahawk dual chop straw shredder


The Dual Chop Straw Shredder from Tomahawk (shown below right) is available in three models: 808, 8080, and 8080WB. They come in mounted or trailer units.

This one machine can spread long straw or produce short straw with its retractable knife and screen system. It produces short straw with the knives engaged and the material passing through the screen. To produce long straw, knives and blanking plate are raised, allowing the material to pass straight from the cross beater into the discharge rotor.

The self-loading flared tailgate loads round or rectangular bales of straw.

Everything, including the movement of the knife system, is electronically controlled from the tractor seat via the machine's built-in spool valve. The swivel chute, with 280° of rotation, is an added bonus when using in awkward areas or confined spaces.

The modular construction means maintenance is easy because everything can be taken apart.

List price starts at $30,000. Visit Walco USA, Inc. at to find out more.

Woodchuck bedding system


How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? If it's the Woodchuck Bedding Spreader (shown below left), it can spread your shavings, sand, and more in a matter of minutes.

This machine is a side-discharge bucket designed for single-handed operation. Apply bedding material using the host vehicle's onboard hydraulics. Bedding is smoothly and quietly spread in a uniform pattern to the front of the stall from either the left or the right and is driven by protected hydraulic motors.

The leading edge of all hoppers is constructed of hard steel for greater effectiveness and longer life. The unit is finished with powder-coated paint.

To learn more, visit

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