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Control Feedlot Losses with Double D Cattle Mats™

U.S. feedlots are projected to see “slightly negative” profit margins in 2013, according to Bloomberg. Due to high corn prices it’s becoming more and more difficult to feed cattle for profit. In this tough market cattlemen must control their losses. 
Thanks to Double D Family Mat Shop they can control injury and weight loss due to slick and unforgiving surfaces. Double D Family Mat Shop produces floor mats that reduce falls in processing areas by nearly 100%.
"We've run 150,000 cattle over our mats and they're still going strong. Since we put the mats in we have not had a calf fall. Reducing slippage also reduces stress on the cattle," said Scott Sturgeon, DVM of Sturgeon Vet Services in Rocky, Oklahoma.
A standard 4 x 10 mat in front of the chute costs less than $450. The loss of one 1,100 or 1,200 pound steer at $1.30 per pound could cost around $1,500. That cost of injury more than justifies the price of a mat that will last for years.
“A lot of our customers process 500-750 head a day. To throw one of our mats down in front of the chute costs them less than $450. That mat will last them three to five years. If you figure running 390,000 to 585,000 head across the mat in just three years, the mat costs less than a penny per head. At that rate many of our customers are finding it risky to not install the mats,” said Dale Goetz, President and CEO of Double D Family Mat Shop.
Temple Grandin, Ph.D., suggests using non-slip mats made from woven tire treads to reduce the chance of hoof damage. Ribbed and barred concrete can tear at the hooves whereas the woven pattern of a Double D Cattle Mat provides a soft, firm surface no matter how dirty the mats get. Double D has also developed a hook to help move the mats around for cleaning underneath.
"We just use a crowbar to move the mats and clean them at the end of the day. Sometimes we'll need to power wash. We don't have any trouble keeping them clean," said Sturgeon.
Double D Cattle Mats are made by weaving together discarded tire treads and then fastening them with stainless steel bolts, making them virtually indestructible. They're heavy, too, so they don't move often in heavily traveled areas.  They are great for alleyways, sale barns, vet clinics, packing plants, trailers and anywhere livestock encounter slick surfaces. The traction and soft surface are especially beneficial around the chute. 
Double D Family Mat Shop, Inc., is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of custom-built livestock slip reduction systems. Our heavy-duty, rubber mats protect livestock and employees from potentially costly injury in heavy loading and processing areas. Learn more about Double D Family Mat Shop at
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