Cute Cattle

  • jamie

    That bottle may be as big as she is, but that doesn’t stop this little girl from bottle feeding a new calf. Jamie from Ohio shared this adorable photo.

  • leigh

    Leigh Lowery from Lake, Mississippi, posted the shot of this new calf with the caption “our calves are so fat in 2014.” As of January 18, Leigh says they’ve had five calves this calving season.

  • zach

    Zach Setterburg shared this photo of Janie and a calf, although Janie looks like she’d rather play with Woody than the cute calf.

  • kaitlynn

    Don’t mention he-who-must-not-be-named around this young calf. The calf’s owner, Kaitlynn Bewley, named him Harry Potter for the lighting-bolt shaped mark on his head.

  • steelers

    This calf was born a Steelers fan. Farmers for the Future member MDL posted this with the caption “this Jersey calf was born on a Steelers football game day and we called it ‘da bus’ and dressed it with his number jersey.”

  • dianne

    Someone is hungry! Dianne Marie Klinski shared this photo of Lucky the calf sucking down supper.

  • kari

    “Good morning, heifers…” is the caption on this shot of a Minnesota snowfall from Kari Hollman.

  • ben

    Look at that cute little guy! Ben Jones posted this photo from 2013 calving.

  • michael

    Michael labeled this shot of cattle grazing on his Almena, Kansas, farm “happy cattle.”

  • kari2

    Here’s another great shot captured by Kari Hollman. This one shows a beautiful, black three-day old bull calf.

  • dianne2

    Four-of-a-kind and so stinky cute! Dianne from Caledonia, Minnesota, labeled these calves as “more anniversary gifts!”

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A compilation of cute cows and calves (and heifers and bulls) from Farmers for the Future.

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