Latest & greatest dairy tech

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    Each year manufacturers unveil a variety of new products at the World Dairy Expo, which is held in Madison, Wisconsin. And the 2010 show was no exception. Click through the slide show to see what products were debuted to help producers feed animals efficiently.

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    Lely Juno Feed Pusher

    The Lely Juno is a battery-operated vehicle drives automatically over the feed alley by following the feed bunk. It pushes feed toward the fence as often as needed without disturbing cattle. Easy to install, this stand-alone machine requires no additional facilities or modifications to your barn.

    Price: $25,000

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    Trioliet Solomix 800-2400 L VLC

    With this machine, operators can feed off both sides of the floor or into a trough without the width challenges of a flat or door mounted conveyor. A curved design allows the discharge end of the conveyor to elevate when side shifted for trough feeding or when discharging into a stationery conveyor.

    Price: Starts at $30,000

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    Penta Model 8020 H.D. Low Pro Trailer

    Six models in the HD Series including the 8020. Major components of tractor pull mixers from the HD Series include 3 styles of tungsten carbide knives on tornado augers, HD 2-speed gear box, large double-entry viewing platform and HD all stainless steel conveyor.

    Price: $79,275

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    Cyclone Roto-Mix

    This machine works well with small or large horsepower tractors. New HDS system automatically adjusts to your tractor’s PTO RPM. Two pick up points on each auger. Double flighted augers moves more material upward with each revolution.

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    The 3500 Series vertical mixers includes nine models that range from 365 to 1120 cubic feet. Mixers provide a consistent mix of ration, ensuring cows get the same mix of ingredients in every bite. Customers can choose from a variety of conveyor discharge options.

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    Badger V-Mix

    The V-Mix can process a wide variety of feed.. Because of the configuration of the auger and tub, less energy is required and results in a thorough mix and fast unloading. Features include a fully welded 1/4" thick rolled tub construction, 1/2" abrasion resistant steel auger with flow regulator plate, tower planetary gear box, and Weigh-tronix weight system.

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    Supreme Feed Processor

    This all-in-one feed processing machine features a patented vertical auger design requires less horsepower to operate than other mixers. Processes all types, sizes and combinations of bales without having to pre-shred, pre-process, or break-up roughage before loading. Pull-type and stationary models available.

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