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Digi-Star Introduces Low Platform Scale

The StockWeigh Low Profile Scale is a wide-platform scale that comes standard with an Animat maximum-grip surface rubber mat.

“Producers have asked for a wider-based platform that is convenient and easy to clean,” says Nicole Turner, livestock technical sales representative with Digi-Star. “We responded with the StockWeigh Low Profile Scale combined with the Animat maximum-grip, diamond-shape mat. The mat prevents skidding and reduces noise, which cuts down on interruptions in cattle movement. It is also easy to clean or replace, making it an efficient, safe, and biosecure choice in precision weighing.”

The Scale easily fits into an existing squeeze chute, alleyway, or grooming chute to provide flexibility, convenience, and improved cattle handling. It offers two different load cell configuration options. It works with all of Digi-Star’s StockWeigh indicators including the SW4600 electronic identification (EID) recording scale, the battery-powered SW300, and the SW600.

The System with SW3300 load cells retails for $1,950. The model with SW6600 load cells is priced at $2,400.

For more information, contact a Digi-Star distributor at 800/225-7695 or by visiting

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