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Feed and flies are buzz at Cattle Trade Show

Nothing creates buzz on the National Cattle Industry Convention Trade Show floor like fly control products, and feed additives that reduce the cost of feeding cattle. Here are some hot products from Nashville in both categories.

Natural fly control

The Kunafin Insectary is a natural product that controls flies in both pasture and feedlot situations. You buy a bag of small wasps are fly parasites. When you scatter these wasps around a feed yard or pasture, the wasps burrow into the fly pupae, or cocoon, in a manure pile and kill the fly inside and lay eggs there. The wasps hatch out, live harmlessly to man and animals, then seek out more fly pupae to repeat the cycle. This reduces fly populations by up to 85%, says Clifton Castle, grandson of the found of the Kunafin system.

The system controls all common species of flies that prey on livestock.

The wasps come in a pouch of about a pound, at a cost of $25 plus shipping from Texas headquarters. That pouch is enough to treat a feed yard of 250 head for about a week, or a pasture manuring area of about 100 head of cattle for a month. Then, you get another pouch of wasps and spread again.

Castle says the system is endorsed by many feedlot operators who have used it for years. Only about 15% of the fly population will survive to adults, the rest are killed in their own pupae stage.

The wasps work anywhere, north, south, east, or west, in fly season to reduce fly populations naturally, without insecticides., or 1-800-832-1113.

Long-lasting fly control ear tags

Bayer Animal Health has a two-step fly control ear tag system that is delivered in an advanced fiber-type tag. Bayer reps say the FyberTek tag lets them put more insecticide in the tag, giving longer and better fly control on cattle.

The two-step system uses both their Corathon insecticide, an organophosphate method, and their CyLence Guard tag, a pyrethroid agent. If you rotate those tags within season, or from season to season, you’re changing mode of action, which slows development of resistance in the fly population.

The FyberTek tag lets them put 25% more active ingredient in their tag than the previous-generation organophosphate product. And it puts 87% more pyrethroid insectide in that tag. For both tags, Bayer recommends two tags for adult animals, and one tag for calves.

Better cattle gains, on less feed

Novus International has introduced a product from Europe called Next Enhance, a feed additive for cattle.  It’s a source of plant extracts, they say, that affects rumen environment to boost both feed efficiency and daily gain by about 5% to the positive.

The extracts are garlic oil and cinnamaldehyde, both which have been shown to modify rumen fermentation to reduce methane gas production. This allows nutrients to be more efficiently used. 

Plant extracts can be highly volatile and degrade rapidly during ration mixing. The unique thing about Next Enhance is that these extracts are protected and delivered to the rumen by two layers of a patented coating that stops volatilization until the product gets to the rumen. There, the extracts are released and go to work. The product works both in feedlots, and on pasture, to give the 5% better performance.

Next Enhance costs about 4¢ per head per day to feed. It usually is bought in pre-packaged feed from a feed dealer.  1-800-568-0088.

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