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Feed fixers and mixers

When it comes to feeding animals, there are no shortage of products to choose from. The key to selecting the right tool is sifting through the variety of options and narrowing the choices to a machine that will meet the specific needs of your operation. The companies below recently unveiled several new machines that offer producers the latest innovations and features to make feeding time on the farm more efficient yet cost effective.

Supreme 500T

The Supreme 500T truck-mounted unit (shown above) was designed to meet the needs of a midsize operation. This mechanically driven unit is built with the same durable features as its current commercial hydrostatic lineup.

With this newly designed unit, you will experience faster-than-average mixing times and an ability to process high forage rations with ease at an affordable price.

Other features include a low loading height of 98 inches and Supreme's patented auger design. The front-center door delivery system offers increased discharge capacity and a more even delivery of feed. A system is available with either a flat conveyor for left, right, or dual discharge, or a dogleg conveyor for discharging up to 40 inches in height.

Machine comes with a three-year major component warranty, which includes planetary drives and gearboxes on all pull-type models and hydraulic pumps and motors on all truck-mount versions.

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Triolet VLC

What makes Triolet VLC mixers special? Company representatives say it's a combination of things from the horizontal flow system to the chassis to the twin-stream auger. The special Triolet wear ring ensures stability and a long life for the mixing tub. Feed off the left and right sides on the floor or into a trough without the width challenges of a flat or door-mounted conveyor.

The curved design of the VLC lets the discharge end of the conveyor elevate when side shifted for easy trough feeding or discharging into a stationary conveyor.

Other features include a heavy-duty roller chain, wide-angle PTO shaft, additional wear ring on the bottom of the tub wall, and two restrictor blades.

Whether you milk 50 cows or 2,000, there's a unit to fit your operation. To learn more, visit

Roto-mix cyclone

The Cyclone features a double-flighted auger that aggressively processes and mixes for a consistent total mixed ration (TMR). Available in three models (1105, 1355, and 1505), these machines work well with small or large tractors.

The patent-pending Hydraulic Drive System reacts to the PTO's rpm of the tractor to keep it operating at its most efficient engine speed regardless of auger loading or available tractor horsepower.

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Badger V-Mix


Whether it's large round bales, square bales, or silage, the V-Mix Series from Badger can process a wide variety of feed. The combination of the fully welded ¼-inch-thick rolled tub and ½-inch abrasion-resistant steel auger with flow regulator plate means less energy is needed, feed is mixed more thoroughly, and unloading is fast.

Other features include a tower-style planetary gearbox; Weigh-Tronix weight system (three- and four-point scale systems available); standard manual restrictors; ¾-inch-thick floor; PTO shaft with shear bolt; front, right, or left discharge; and tungsten carbide-coated auger knives.

Choose from the V-Mix 400, 575, 700, and 900 models. The 400 and 575 are also available in stationary models. The 700 and 900 are twin-screw models.

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Maxi-mixer 3500 series

The Maxi-Mixer 3500 Series vertical mixers feature nine models (3537, 3540, 3546, 3555, 3565, 3575, 3585, 3599, and 35100) and are available in trailer, truck, or stationary versions. Model 3565 is pictured above.

This Series provides a consistent mix of the ration, which translates into evenly distributed ingredients in every bite.

Customers can choose from a variety of conveyor discharge options. By selecting the discharge option to match your operation's needs, it makes getting the ration to livestock easier.

Mixers range from 365 to 1,120 cubic feet, have a proven auger design and feature a fast and complete clean out.

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Lely Juno

It's no secret that frequent feeding results in increased feed intake and higher milk production. It also has a positive effect on a cow's health. But finding reliable labor can be a limiting factor when you're trying to keep fresh feed in front of cows 24-7.

The Lely Juno Feed Pusher (inset shown above) might be the solution to this problem. This machine is a battery-operated vehicle that automatically drives over the feed alley by following the feed bunk. It pushes feed toward the fence as often as needed without disturbing cows. A stand-alone unit, it doesn't require additional facilities or modifications to your barn.

This device can handle all level and paved feed alleys, follow different types of feed bunks, and it's able to push feed piles as high as 30 inches.

Once it has completed the set route, it returns to the charging station, which also functions as the starting point of each run.

The suggested price is about $25,000. To learn more, visit

Penta Tornado auger system


The Penta TMR Tornado auger features the innovative Floating Leading Edge. Its plastic slider block works in combination with a raised leading edge that reduces friction and delivers fast, powerful, and consistent blending performance.

Unlike mixers with metal-on-metal blade construction, the Tornado auger's flexible plastic blade self-adjusts as it mixes, conforming to the exact contours of the floor of the machine. The result is a clean, precise, and quiet vertical mixer with more complete lifting and consistent mixing.

The system draws large volumes of material away from the sides and bottom of the mixer, maintaining the light and fluffy consistency essential for a highly palatable mixed ration. After mixing, the auger moves the TMR quickly and cleanly to the discharge area, where the system distributes an evenly proportioned ration, from the first cow to the last.

It can handle either round or square bales and both wet and dry feedstuffs. The Tornado's advanced technology allows you to easily modify the cutting process by adjusting the ultra-thin knife in a variety of blade configurations.

In addition, each unit's low horsepower requirements translate into less fuel consumed.

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