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New feed products for cattle

From Merck Animal Health

Zilmax is a new feed supplement from Merck Animal Health that allows animals to metabolize feed more efficiently. When fed for the last 20 days before slaughter (and allowing for a three-day withdrawal period), it will add about 30 pounds to hot carcass weight of steers, heifers, and cull cows. It does this by increasing feedlot performance and enhancing carcass leanness.

Merck has an unusual way of pricing Zilmax. It varies from month to month, depending on the carcass price of finished beef. On the twenty-third day of each month, the carcass price is determined from government reports, and that fixes the price of Zilmax for the following month. At spring 2011 prices, it costs about $28 to feed Zilmax for 20 days prior to slaughter. The 30-pound return in added carcass weight is worth about $58, says Merck's Mitch Johnson. “Our goal is to give a consistent return to the cattle producer for using our product,” he says. To learn more, visit

From Novus International

Novus International has introduced a product from Europe called Next Enhance, a feed additive for cattle. It's a source of plant extracts that affects rumen environment to boost both feed efficiency and daily gain by about 5% to the positive. The extracts are garlic oil and cinnamaldehyde, both of which have been shown to modify rumen fermentation to reduce methane gas production. This allows nutrients to be more efficiently used. Plant extracts can be highly volatile and can degrade rapidly during ration mixing. The unique thing about Next Enhance is that these extracts are protected and delivered to the rumen by two layers of a patented coating that stops volatilization until the product gets to the rumen. There, the extracts are released and go to work. 

The product works both in feedlots and on pasture to give the 5% better performance. Next Enhance costs about 4¢ per head per day to feed. It usually is bought in prepackaged feed from a feed dealer. 

To learn more, call 800/568-0088 or visit

From ADM Alliance Nutrition

Stressfighter 14 Plus from ADM Alliance Nutrition is a fortified supplement providing protein, minerals, and vitamins in a 200-pound tub for newly weaned and arrival calves. It is designed to help them overcome stress during and after weaning and shipping. Stressfighter 14 Plus provides the following functional ingredients:

• Patented ingredient combination: Is an alternative to molasses.

• RumeNext-B: Improves feed efficiency and daily gain.

• Prosponse Yeast: May provide growth factors for rumen microflora as well as carbohydrates beneficial for general gut health and immune response.

• Complex trace minerals.

• Natural-source vitamin E: Is an antioxidant to counteract free radicals; is vital to immune system function. To learn more, visit

From Purina Cattle Nutrition

Purina Cattle Nutrition's Intake Modifying (IM) Technology impacts how animals ingest nutrients and the amount consumed. The net result is optimized nutrient intake throughout the day through multiple small snacks, says Purina. On a 24-hour basis, cattle on Purina's Accuration/Cattle Limiters, Sup-R-Lix, or Sup-R-Block will come to the feeder between three and 10 times per day, depending on pasture size and forage quality. Multiple small feedings provide the necessary ingredients that beneficial microflora need to grow in number and efficiency in the rumen. 

For controlled intake systems to be effective, Purina says they must provide performance equal to or better than hand-feeding programs, must limit intake effectively, and must provide a nutritional package (protein, energy, macrominerals, trace minerals, and vitamins) to meet the needs of the cow or stocker when grass or hay won't be enough.

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