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seeking an investor for the farm in Ukraine

The Farm “Regina”

    The farm is
located 170 kilometers west of Kyiv. 20 kilometers from road line L’viv-Kyiv.

   The farm has 350 hectares of land which 120 hectares are sown. Other fields are
under the grass and hay.  Area under the
buildings is 1, 5 hectares.

Animals: 100 heads of meat


milk cows



Machinery: 3 tractors



                               whole set of agricultural machines such as
plows, cultivators etc.

                               2 lorries.

     The farm
has 10 employees.

Farmer seeks
investor to expand their farms because of the high competition in the market of
agricultural production. After market research it became known that the most
profitable dairy farming is a trend.

In Ukraine in particular in our region dairy
production is under development. Not a large number of farms engaged in milk
production. Should also be made state support of dairy farming. But the farmer
will consider and other proposals for production if they will be.

investment may vary depending on the amount and maturity of investment namely
cooperation 50/50 or other interest rates, depending on participation and as

Money can
be involved in the construction of milking premises buying highly productive
animals and taking a long-term lease of land. Farmer guarantees compliance with
all contract terms and business rules.

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