Technology Brings New Management Approaches to Beef Industry

Like every other area of agriculture, efficiency is the name of the game in the livestock industry, and technology like SenseHub Beef is giving producers the opportunity to continually improve how they care for their animals.

“By utilizing technology to manage records, engage in DNA testing, monitor livestock, and provide cutting-edge information about the well-being of animals, producers simply have the time to do a better job at all levels,” says Scott Holt, Allflex USA.

Powered by Allflex’s algorithms that analyze behavior based on activity, rumination, eating, and other key cow stats, SenseHub Beef ( brings a modern, data-driven management approach to the beef cattle sector. Whether you use artificial insemination (AI) or naturally breed animals, this solution delivers cow-reproduction and health-management information to producers for better informed decisions. 

precise guidance

For operations that use AI, this means precise cycling information, including highly accurate heat detection, detection of both anestrus cows and cows suspected for abortion, which all make breeding more cost effective and less labor intense. Ultimately, you gain precise guidance on insemination timing. 

In natural breeding herds, knowing when a cow’s last heat occurred, as recorded in the system, helps predict the calving date, instead of only relying on pregnancy checks.

Accurate health reports on each cow provide actionable insight for proactive, individualized health management. This is particularly effective for optimizing the health and well-being of an animal during the breeding, calving, and weaning phases.

In addition, access to information can be anywhere at any time from your mobile device. This, together with real-time alerts for issues like heat or cow distress, alleviates a producer’s concern about missing an important event.

A variety of application plan levels, up-front and subscription-based payment options, and user devices are available. You can also choose between the eSense Flex ear tags or cSense Flex neck tags. 

“SenseHub Beef will enable smarter, more sustainable farming with the insights and analytics needed to optimize the productivity of every cow,” Holt says. “By extending better livestock monitoring, we’re ensuring a secure and prosperous future for more farmers and their families.”

driving change

Efficiency isn’t the only thing driving technological innovations across the livestock industry. 

“Consumers continue to want to know where their food comes from and how those animals were managed,” he says. “Our technologies help improve the care of animals and give producers data that can help them find animals in need of assistance faster than by only using the human eye.”

The advancements in specialty programs are also allowing information on cattle and their health records to be more readily available.  

“Beef producers have kept records for years,” Holt says. “However, the chain is sometimes broken between different sectors of the industry. Our identification and monitoring tags, readers, and commitment to working with data providers help streamline the way information is shared.”

When it comes to identification, he adds, more is better. 

“We’re seeing an increase in custom-marked tags, in double-tagging where replacement females have two visual tags, in the use of electronic identification, in the use of genomics, and a keen interest in monitoring and how it can help provide actionable data for a beef herd,” Holt says. 

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