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    Are you a cattle producer who is looking to invest in the world's first automatic milking rotary system? Maybe you need to better manage manure. Manufacturers unveil their latest innovations to help you become more efficient in these and other ways.

  • Header Series Lagoon Pump

    Header Series Lagoon Pump makes mixing and transferring manure fast and efficient. The enclosed bearing system protects components from corrosive manure to ensure that the pump continuously performs at its best, which makes the system easy to maintain.

    Visit Nuhn Industries Ltd. at www.nuhn.ca to learn more.

  • Pedometer Plus

    Pedometer Plus measures cows' walking activity, rest time, and lying down habits to alert you when an animal strays from its normal routine. Because you can monitor deviations, the diagnosis and treatment of potential problems can be done in a more timely manner. As a result, the number of days it takes to treat cows is minimized, which results in less labor needed to monitor and treat animals.

    Learn more at www.afimilkUSA.com.

  • Rotomix Cyclone HDS

    Rotomix Cyclone HDS is a vertical mixer that features smoother mixing, consistent feed mixing, and feed discharge. This machine works well with large- or small-horsepower tractors because the new HDS system automatically adjusts to your tractor's PTO rpm for optimal efficiency.

    Twin-flighting double augers with two pickup points in each auger move more material upward with each revolution.

    Visit www.rotomix.com for more information.

  • Delaval AMR

    Delaval AMR is the world's first automatic milking rotary system. Main components include teat preparation, attachment and teat-spray modules, two touch screens to operate the system, automatic cup back flush, automatic floor cleaning, and safety systems.

    Learn more by visiting DeLaval at www.delaval-us.com.

  • Sysilco Automated Bunker Sealing System

    Sysilco Automated Bunker Sealing System is an advanced system for sealing a bunker silo to maintain feed quality. The drive system, which mounts on the bunker sidewalls, unrolls the cover onto a self-winding reel. As the cover is opened, liquid is forced through a float system into a bladder or tank containment. When closed, the liquid returns to force the cover back into position.

    The system is available in a variety of bunker-style configurations.

    Visit www.smaci.com to learn more.

  • Boumatic's Biflo Evolution Pulsator

    Boumatic's Biflo Evolution Pulsator is a new generation of pulsator that comprises just eight parts. This patent-pending design is easy to maintain, install, clean, and disassemble. It quickly connects and disconnects to the vacuum line. Electrical contacts are protected and are watertight. A wiring harness is available for fast installation. Meets or exceeds ASABE S518 standards and ISO 5707 specifications.

    Learn more at www.boumatic.com.

  • Calf-Tel Air Max Pen Back

    Calf-Tel Air Max Pen Back is a nearly full open back that consists of a molded-in, sturdy wire screen. Because this feature significantly increases ventilation, this system enhances calf comfort and long-term health. A cover comes standard with each system and slides easily into place for added warmth during cold-weather conditions.

    To learn more, visit www.calf-tel.com.

  • Tailwell

    Tailwell power tail trimmer was developed in New Zealand and is designed to simplify the tedious job of trimming tails on dairy cows. Simply affix the Tail Trimmer to the chuck shank of a 14-volt or higher cordless drill with an operating speed of up to 1,000 rpm. The tail is fed stump-end first into the cutters and pulled through as required. The tail switch doesn't need to be precut, even if it's dirty.

    Learn more by visiting www.tailwell.com.

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