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Livestock industry product preview

If you're in the cattle business, you utilize everything from loaders to television programming to additives in order to enhance your operation. Whether you're in the market for a new small-wheel loader or a feed additive, the companies featured here are introducing products and services to improve your feeding efficiency and herd health.

Small-Wheel Loader

Caterpillar makes a new splash in the farm power market with the introduction of its K Series of small-wheel loaders. They will be used in the cattle industry for waste removal and for moving and loading feed ingredients, says Caterpillar senior marketing engineer Joel Grimes. The smallest of the new machines, the 924K, was on display at the 2012 Cattle Industry Convention. Following are highlights:

• A 3.6-cubic-yard patented bucket that has a longer base and gives a 15% improvement in fill time.

• A Z-bar linkage system that takes the bucket straight up as high as 16 feet, rather than reaching forward.

• The first in-cab memory system that remembers loading and unloading bucket positions for operator convenience.

• Three separate dedicated hydraulic pumps that prevent overload of wheel speed or bucket operation.

• A low-noise cab with a speaker system in several languages, rear camera, and rear air intake for cleaner, cooler operation.

• A 15% to 20% reduction in fuel usage built around the computer brain center that monitors all engine and loader operations to prevent overheating.

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More Rural TV

Rural Media Group is adding a new TV channel to its popular RFD-TV programming. Called RURAL TV, the channel debuted this past February on DISH Network channel 232. The added outlet will enable Rural Media to expand with more rural business programming, which will include five hours daily of live agribusiness news, weather, and commodity markets coverage in updated, repeating half-hour segments. There will also be more live livestock sales as well as cattle and horse shows. Rural Media is working to get more cable TV and satellite TV services to offer new programming.

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Manure Fertilizer Additive

SFP, a fertilizer additive company, has introduced More Than Manure, a product to add to dry or liquid manure. The company says it reduces phosphorus lockup and nitrogen loss through volatilization and leaching when put on manure. It can be mixed with liquid manures in the pit or spreader tank, or it can be applied over the top as a liquid on applied dried manures from feedlots. It's applied at 18 ounces per acre and costs $15 to $17 per acre. In trials, corn yields have responded with an average increase of 9 bushels per acre, with upper responses of 25 bushels.

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Feed Additive

Kent Feeds is promoting its BoVantage natural feed additive for last-month inclusion in cattle feedlot rations. The company says the product promotes a healthy rumen, stimulates feed intake, combats stress, and enhances the animal's immune system. When fed for the last 30 days before harvest, in combination with a repartitioning agent such as Optaflexx (Elanco), BoVantage gives an extra 24 pounds of gain on average. It costs about $13 to feed it for that period.

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