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New Electric Fencer, Ear Tag Reader Helps Manage Cattle

The new iSeries Fence Energizer Systems from Gallagher allow you to quickly and easily monitor fence performance, says the company. It can be fitted with optional phone technology that will call or text you in event of a shorted-out fence. Or, it can also activate a siren or light system to alert you of a line outage.

“I had a rancher tell me that his fencer sent him a text in the middle of the night. It turned out a deer had run through a line and broken it. He went out and fixed it before the cows found the break,” says Gallagher’s Ray Williams. 



The iSeries fence systems come in three models. The M1200i has 12 joules of stored energy and will charge about 40 miles of fence. The M1800i has 18 joules and will handle 60 miles. The M2800i has 28 joules of energy and will energize over 100 miles of fence. Systems start at about $1,200. 


Each fencer comes with the energizer unit and a controller. The energizer works in extreme temperature conditions with battery-powered ability. The controller, which gives fence and zone performance at a glance, can be mounted in a convenient location for easy access up to 50 meters away from the energizer. The units are fully waterproof for outdoor mounting.

The alarm system for a fence outage and a handheld energizer remote and fault finder are sold separately. The system lets you find fence outages from remote areas and lets you remotely turn the energizer on and off for repair procedures. 

Fence monitors are also an option. You can add up to six to create fence zones, saving time in locating faults and outages by zone.

Ear Tag Reader
Gallagher has a new handheld ear tag reader, the HR5, that does more right on the wand than previous models. 

With a large color screen in the grip handle and a full texting keypad, it lets you easily add data on-site as animals move past. The 2.8-inch backlit screen is compatible with not only Gallagher but also other electronic identification animal data collectors. 

When working cattle through a chute, the reader can quickly identify an animal and retrieve its history; link parent animals to their offspring; help you sort on the go; enter free text that could be useful later; and record multiple traits such as breed, body condition score, or pregnancy status. Up to nine animal traits per animal can be recorded per session, compared with just three on earlier models. 

The HR5, with an internal rechargeable battery, records information on the wand that can easily be downloaded later to an office computer.

“It’s a simple system for recording data as you are working animals, and it’s state-of-the-art,” says Williams. “With older wand readers, you could only get the information to a separate computer. The HR5 does it all right on the wand.” 


The system (which includes the wand, software, and connection capability) is about $2,200. Learn more at 


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