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New products for calves

Deluxe Calf Hutch


Deluxe Calf Hutches (EXL and SL models) feature a patent
pending three-in-one rear door, which swings out of the way, can remain open,
provides easy access to feed with an ATV or truck, allows feed to stay out of
the elements, is easy to operate because it has no latches and snaps shut, and
has a sliding grill vent. It’s also the only manger with Splash Guard and Pail
Stoppers, which prevent feed from getting wet and liquids from becoming
contaminated. Visit to learn more.

Calf Condo Building


Looking for an alternative to calf hutches? The completely
portable Calf Condo Buildings from D. Buck Construction, LLC, might be the
answer. These 10-pen buildings have two clean-out doors. Simply move the
building left or right for fast cleaning. The top half and roof are steel and
are fastened with screw fasteners. The back wall features roll-up curtain. Pens
have double pail holders and easy-access gates. Options include front side
curtain and insulated roof. Suggested price for an 8×32-foot, 10-pen condo is
approximately $4,800. Price doesn’t include tax and a $2-per-loaded-mile
delivery charge. To learn more, visit or call

Milk Taxi


Carrying heavy buckets to feed calves just became a thing of
the past thanks to the Milk Taxi. This mobile calf feeder allows you to preset
feeding parameters for calves. Once programmed, all you do is feed calves.
Because feed quantities are preset and the temperature is constantly monitored,
the risk of feeding mistakes is reduced. Whether you want the floor-mounted
agitator to dissolve milk powder or you want to adjust the dosage quantities,
all functions can be programmed at the control panel with the press of a
button. You can also preset start times for specific processes, such as pasteurization
or heating. Suggested price for a 75-gallon unit is $10,200. For more
information, visit

Johnson’s Feed-R-Meter


The Feed-R-Meter from Johnson’s Innovations is a
self-contained, portable mixing/feeding/cleaning system for medium- to
large-volume calf-feeding operations. It comes in three fully customizable
models: 150, 200, and 300 gallons. The system features a custom-built steel
frame, fully powder-coated finish, a full axle on the 200- and 300-gallon
models, a flow meter for precise feed operation, mixing/cleaning jets, and a
cleaning spinner ball. To learn more, visit  

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