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Robotic milking

Milking parlors across the country are being transformed into labor-saving systems that utilize the latest technology. Companies like BouMatic and Lely have provided robotic milking innovations to reduce the demands on dairy producers so they aren't tied to their milking herd 24-7.

Both companies are taking those innovations to the next level by enhancing their systems with two recent introductions: the BouMatic SR1 Post Milking Robotic Spray System and the Lely Astronaut A3 Next.

BouMatic SR1 Post Milking Robotic Spray System

The SR1 Post Milking Robotic Spray System helps increase cow throughput and efficiency, while it lowers costs on external rotary milking systems.

“The SR1 robotic post dip system continues BouMatic's long tradition of innovation for the world's dairy producers,” says John R. Mansavage, director of global marketing. “The SR1 provides speed, durability, and efficiency in a compact robotic system for post milking application of teat dips for nearly all external rotary systems.”

A three-dimensional camera allows the arm to move seamlessly between any cow's legs to find the teats to apply the spray. The system provides a more consistent and continuous application of teat dip and uses acceptable limits of teat dip with today's standards.

By implementing the system, the company says producers who may have three shifts will be able to reduce their workforce by three workers and see a payback of two years on labor costs.

“The SR1 system not only reduces labor costs but also provides efficient teat dip usage and consistent dip application for a higher level of udder hygiene,” says Mansavage. “Added benefits include low energy demand, a compact size, and the ability to retrofit into virtually any external rotary milking system.”

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Lely Astronaut A3 Next

The Lely Astronaut A3 Next is an enhanced robotic milking system.

“The use of first-class materials, combined with a limited number of moving parts, ensures a long lifetime and a significantly higher trade-in value,” says Lely USA's president, Peter Langebeeke. “By paying attention to energy costs, Lely is also introducing a sustainable product. The Lely Astronaut A3 Next consumes significantly less energy and water than competitive brands.”

With the new robot, Lely customers will see an improved design and notice that cleaning and servicing will be easier. The robot's management system — Lely T4C, Time 4 Cows — now includes feeding and milking.

For faster, accurate detection of milk flow, Lely mounted the milk quality sensor system in the Astronaut arm. The milk separation system is now disengaged from the robotic milking system and can be mounted in the most convenient place for the producer.

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