Winter's first wallop

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    Tom and LuAnn (shown here) Troxel operate a small dairy farm and large-animal veterinary practice near Hanna in northwestern Indiana, an area hit hard by weekend winter weather. See what they're digging out from this morning now that the snow's moved out and temperatures struggle to get above zero.

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    Here's a shot right off the Troxels' porch. Somewhere in there, there's a sidewalk. "This is a sidewalk?" LuAnn ponders.

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    The blanketing snowfall didn't discriminate at the Troxels' place, covering everything. "There's a propane tank here somewhere," LuAnn says of this photo.

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    Though it's not being used for its normal purposes this time of year, the Troxels' "poultry pen windblock" is serving another valuable purpose right now.

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    Judging by the looks of it, the large-animal veterinary medicine side of the Troxels' business is going to be delayed, at least. "Our resident veterinarian isn't going anywhere very soon," she says.

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    But, the dairy cows, on the other hand, don't seem to be too fazed by the weekend winter blast. "Foxy is content. No worries," LuAnn says.

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    And, like all the other dairy farmers out there, just because the weather's no good doesn't mean the Troxels can take a break. Here, Tom gets ready to feed "once he gets the snow cleared from the back of this mixer wagon tractor," LuAnn says.

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    Not all the cattle are as content, but it may not be on account of the weather. Here, Tom tries to chase down "Scatter," an 18-month-old heifer who got out of her pen. "She's way smarter than we are today, and she doesn't want to be contained at all."

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    After a lot of effort, Scatter stayed true to her name. "Our Scatter heifer won. She's roaming free at the moment," LuAnn says.

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