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Creatures great & small

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    Here's Coy, member Kari's "lil' hillbilly," enjoying a scratch in just the right spot.

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    Kari's cow Frosty, here eating corn from her hand, is the tamest in her herd. But, Kari knows where to draw the line. "She is sweet here, but believe me when I tell you I trust NO cow during calving time," Kari says.

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    Don't let Coy and Frosty fool you, though. Not every animal on Kari's farm is as willing. Here, her calf Ollie lets her know exactly how he feels.

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    Rod Tangeman got back to his pickup after riding his ATV to find this surprise. "I couldn't believe it," he says.

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    Joe Lipps was cutting wheat this summer when he got a little bored. So, when he saw this furry guy running outside the cab, he caught him and took him for a ride in the combine. "Let him go later," he says.

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    Jamie Niehoff got this shot of her "new members on the farm."

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    They're not all cute and cuddly on Jamie's farm. "When I was leaving the house to go take care of the farm animals, I looked up in the tree in the yard and saw this bear, so I ran back inside and got my camra and took this picture before it jumped out of the tree and ran down to the other trees," she says.

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    Jamie says she found this 8-foot rattler "sleeping with a good friend of mine."

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    Here's member Laura's dog, fittingly named Chase. "She never lets me drive," Laura says.

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    Laura's not the only one getting bumped from the driver's seat. Here, member J R B loses his seat in the cab.

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    It's a family affair on member Jim McDivitt's farm, where "Grandma Clara" gets a greeting from "her grandgirl."

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