Farm Cats

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    Whether it's a gnarly, old barn mouse-catcher or a prized house pet, cats are pretty standard fixtures on a lot of farms. Check out a few of the farm felines from members (photo at left by Kari Hollman).

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    Here's one of Boyden, Iowa, farmer Andrew Kroese's farm cats being harassed by his dog, Lady.

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    Ina Putnam's cat here, though keeping a good eye on things, is a little less tormented on her Guysville, Ohio, farm.

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    "All the barn cats" are nestled in the corner of network member Kelsey Crull's family farm barn.

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    This cat helps keep things rodent-free on Nick Greenwood's family dairy farm near Sunbury, Ohio.

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    "Betty Jean Wilson, barn cat superb decided to hitch a ride to the other barn," says Deb Kidwell, who raises horses, mules and other draft animals near Martin, Tennessee.

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    These cats aren't quite the workers anymore. "These guys became more pets than mousers. We got them after Hurricane Ivan came through and left us with a mouse problem," says Katy Spears, who raises alpacas in Alabama.

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    Network member 'Rayhawk' farms near Beech Island, South Carolina. Here's her blind farm cat Freddy doing what he enjoys most. "Blind cat Freddy loves to lay on the stacks of firewood," she says.

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    Ian and Val Plagge's cat Jigs knows the meaning of sharing. "Our cat Jigs and dog Bailey get along so well, they eat together, out of the same bucket, at the same time," Val says.

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