Farm dogs

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    They're a mainstay of farms around the world, sometimes harder workers than their human counterparts. Here's a collection of farm dogs -- some working hard and some not -- from members.

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    Here's Eric Blaine's dog Lucy, ready to go at a moment's notice on Blaine's Saint Charles, Michigan, farm.

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    Not all farm dogs are hard workers all the time, though. "Sleeping on the job...for shame!" says Will Frey of his "Corn Dog" on his farm near Orovada, Nevada.

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    Here, "Rusty" keeps an eye on things at member Tom Paulsen's farm near Quinn, South Dakota.

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    "Even as a puppy this Great Pyrenees gave her all to her job of guarding the alpacas," says Alabama farmer and network member Katy Spears of her farm dog Scarlett.

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    Here's a real hard worker. "We have a rotational grazing system and I could not get the job done without a quiet easy working dog," Virginia Nancy Dove says of Rob, her family's "main working dog" on their Appleton City, Missouri, farm.

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    The buck really stops with this working dog on member Randi's Saskatchewan, Canada, ranch. "Watching the dog. No one touches the bale 'til it's rolled out," she says of the cattle.

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    Isle, Minnesota, farmer Kari Hollman's "cow dog" Breeze may like to be out on the farm, but she's "more into motors than running around," Hollman says.

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