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New swine vaccine to aid producers in fighting against reproductive diseases

Boehringer Ingelheim has introduced a new swine vaccine to help producers fight against reproductive diseases. The vaccine, ReproCyc ParvoFLEX, works to prevent porcine parvovirus (PPV) in sows and gilts ages 6 months and up.

PPV is one of the three most common reproductive pathogens found in swine and can cause reproductive failure, infertility, fetal death and reabsorption, presentation of mummified fetuses at farrowing, and irregular return to estrus. 

“PPV is no stranger to producers, but it’s not always top-of-mind for them,” says John Waddell, director, key account veterinarians, swine, at Boehringer Ingelheim. “When breeding herds are infected, it can cost producers unrealized potential, so our main goal in developing ReproCyc ParvoFLEX is to help prevent those losses with a safe, flexible tool.”

This vaccine utilizes the recent PPV strain 27a, which has shown to be effective in establishing a broad spectrum of protection when incorporated into vaccines, and a non-oil polymer that improves immune response in gilts and sows.

ReproCyc ParvoFLEX can be administered at any stage of gestation, and the vaccine supports mass-vaccination protocols. In a field safety study, 771 sows and gilts were vaccinated with ReproCyc ParvoFLEX, and 676, or 87% were found to be healthy. While adverse events were experienced by a small percentage of the swine during the study, it was determined that they were not related to the vaccine.

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