New USDA plan for African swine fever includes feral swine response

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has updated its African swine fever (ASF) strategic plan and expanded it into a full response plan as part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen response capabilities in the event of an outbreak. This new plan – USDA APHIS ASF Response Plan: The Red Book May 2020 – elevates preparedness activities in the United States, particularly given USDA’s recent Veterinary Services’ National Training and Exercise Program’s ASF activities. The Red Book is a comprehensive response plan for the United States in the event of an ASF incursion in the country. To view or download the Red Book, visit

This plan incorporates and supersedes previous versions of the ASF Disease Response Strategies, from which this plan evolved. The following list highlights important aspects included in this expanded ASF Response Plan.

  • Comprehensively integrates feral swine response.
  • Outlines USDA authorities and APHIS guidance specific to an ASF response.
  • Includes an expansive chapter that discusses control and eradication strategies for both domestic and feral swine.
  • Identifies specific response actions that will be taken if ASF is detected.
  • Updates the USDA APHIS National Stop Movement guidance.
  • Incorporates Network Based Controls.
  • Describes the initial 72-hour timeline for updated policy.
  • Includes changes to surveillance guidance.
  • Incorporates an extensive epidemiology section to include updates to zone, area, and premises designations specifically for ASF.
  • Includes an information management section.
  • Adds a continuity of business section and references the Secure Pork Supply Plan.
  • Expands information on feral swine management.
  • Includes numerous appendices to supplement response plan information.

APHIS expects there will be updates to the ASF Response Plan as new capabilities and processes become available and additional test exercises are conducted. We welcome comments and suggestions to on this or any other FAD PReP document for consideration and possible incorporation into future versions.

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